10 Steps to a Good Doctors Visit: Part 1

Beware of becoming a Google doctor



Various diagnosis websites have come through the cracks in the past years, and they are as dangerous to use as they are helpful.

While it is important to do your own research, remember to take all of the information with a grain-of-salt and a questioning attitude. Not meaning that what your are finding is objectively wrong, but it always important to question your research.

Chiropractic, in Layman’s Terms

The brain and central nervous system job is to control function and coordinate other systems of the body. The brain sends a signal down to the body to all organs and systems of the body, and then you have nerves that send signals back up to the brain to let it know whats going on so it can send the …

Spaceman Returns Two-Inches Taller

Astronaut Scott Kelly returned from a year-long space mission the other day having gained 2 inches to his overall height! When the body reacts to conditions in zero gravity, the spine decompresses and lengthens significantly.