The Be Well Chiropractic

Team is Here to Help You

(A $100 Value)

Services to choose from:

1. K-Laser.
2. Chiropractic Adjustment
3. Dry needling
4. Reflexology of the brain with prayer and stress reduction
5. Impact Low-Force adjusting
6. 10 minutes scar tissue breakdown per body part
7. Kinesio-tape

Day Rate:
$65.00 choose one service.
$100.00 choose two.

Single or Family Rates:
Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins included.

$120.00 – 2x/Mo @$60 ea.
$225.00 – 4x/Mo @ $56.25 ea.
$300.00 – 4x/ Mo choose 2 services.
$40.00 – Child rate 0-10

$1,200/month. All services per visit.
Hour appointments.

$5,000 for 100 chiropractic-visits at $50 each. One time.
Or $5,000 20 visits. All services.
Hour appointments.

– Recommended for chronic disease. Automobile accidents. Mental/emotional wellness. And for corporate and church group.
– * HSA, FSA, and Care-credit accepted.
*Charges prorated and run on the first of the month
*Book me to do a health talk called “How the Holy Spirit Heals and mini-massages for your church group or friends.

*I work with Personal Injury lawyers to keep your cost customary
*Contract can be cancelled with proof of job loss or relocation.

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