The Back Pain Hack You’ve Been Missing

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hey guys Dr Greg Hutti here with Be Well Chiropractic here in Spring Hill today I want to go over one of the exercises that I recommend the most for low back pain and low back subluxation and I’m going to go over how why and frequency okay so first I’m going to reference the anatomy of the spine here okay the lower lumbar sucks line is consisting of five Berger five bones the spine okay and they have what we call a lordotic curve which basically means if this is me pacing this way we have a backward C curve in this lower lumbar spine okay so your lumbar spine the proper alignment has this backward C curve what do we do all day right we sit and we’re going against this spine okay a lot of times to the anatomy of what we call a vertebral subluxation or lower lumbar spine is these bones here going posterior going out the back because we’re sitting like this and a flexion nature going to get this fine these bones in a very general way top out the back okay it’s my job and chiropractor job to fix back pain and get these realigned by pushing them forward that’s a very how do I say dumb down way to represent okay so when you’re going against the spine first of all watch your posture that’s another segment but these guys talk straight out the back okay now what I do what a new patient comes in to see me i assess them of our spine first if they are a chiropractic patient and they are someone who will be better with chiropractic care I have to assess stuff like that but I want to find where they are on this chart is three-base chart I’ve reference before okay but first I find an area that needs to be in better alignment I do an adjustment to kind of get the alignment better and more importantly when I say adjustment I also mean I get I get better movement in that area I get an area that’s stuck it pushed out the back now it’s stuck and I push it forward to get this movement back in there okay so when it’s out the back is not moving when it’s forward in a line it’s moved okay so what we want if we want an exercise that keeps us away from flexion and puts us back an extension okay flexion bad extension good that’s why most of you guys know bad posture slaps like this good postures up like this the spine is actually very capable of handling huge loads under stress if it’s the problem of cancer there and the proper alignment there so with that again extension go inspection bad one of my favorite exercises is lumbar extension laying face down okay this is also called Cobras in yoga okay basically though what we’re doing is we’re taking a lot more spine extension and what I mean by extension is we’re putting that backward C curve back in the spine and not only that when we do this exercise it puts the motion back in that area okay alright so Chad’s going to help us demonstrate this okay so basically all it is is a basic push-up without the hips coming off the floor of the table okay and you can do this in varying degrees too you don’t have to come all the way up you can start at a gradual incline maybe ten or fifteen degrees but the whole motion is to try to straighten the arms keeping the lower back on the floor table okay go ahead and do about five reps from the HS just like that just straightening arms and looking up it’s just an important the whole spine is connected so looking up and just important because that will even create more extension this area too okay now a lot of patients when they’re doing this and I’m feeling their lumbar spine when he does this the little more response should actually move more into extension okay so a lot of times when under stepping patients I’m down here feeling around I want to feel with each rep when come back up for me that lumbar spine moving if it’s not moving and those bones aren’t coming together put the push forward I know they’re out of the line and they’re stuck okay so my job again as a chiropractor is finding the right one put the motion in the right one and it gives them an exercise that will fix Back Pain like this keeping the motion in they’re going to come up again me and as you see if he comes up he’s helping that spine getting get back in extension get back that little dotted curve that backward C curve in the spine okay and right now I would not I would not want you to hold it at the top I just want you to come up and down like four reps okay and like I said what this does get that extension back in the spine gets that lumbar C curve back in the spine helps better alignment you’ve probably been sitting all day like most with Back Pain of us in flexion so again this guy gets the spine going back again okay also think Chet it is important though guys if you do this exercise keynote if you do this exercise and it causes Back Pain stop it should not cause Back Pain I repeat they should not cause pain okay if it calls the same give me a call because you need to do a consultation and possible examination to see what else might be going on there okay also too this is a general exercise that I give to patients in a certain phase of their care certain phases it should not be done okay I just gave you one look out for the pain that’s the main thing if there’s no pain with you doing it you’re probably going to be okay okay doing this once or twice a day though is huge for your spine I call it almost like brushing your teeth right brushing your teeth for your spine you brush your teeth every day keep your teeth healthy do this exercise even does it cause pain again at least twice a day about two sets of ten reps to keep the motion in there and also get that extension back in the lumbar spine okay one of the best exercises for your lower back well more extensions again they call it cobras and yoga but we’re not trying to hold it we’re just doing it for reps alright guys we’ll be back next week again be well chiropractic if you guys had any questions is always free of charge no cost to talk to us and see if we might can help you out with any issues okay thanks guys we are always here to help you with your back pain in Spring Hill, This is Dr. Greg Hutti with Be Well Chiropractic in Spring Hill.

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