Chiropractic, in Layman’s Terms

The brain and central nervous system job is to control function and coordinate other systems of the body. The brain sends a signal down to the body to all organs and systems of the body, and then you have nerves that send signals back up to the brain to let it know whats going on so it can send the right signals back down.

If this communication process is broken somehow someway from interference, i.e. vertebrae pinching or inflaming a nerve, it puts you into a less than functional state and leads to a less adaptive state of well-being. Your body is not at 100 percent and function is lost.


Your muscles are in spasm

Because nerves control your muscles causing back pain

You have numbness and tingling down your arms and legs

Because a nerve is pinched causing loss of strength and balance

Your thyroid gland is not producing

You aren’t producing enough T3 and T4 and you are fatigued all day

Your heart rate is always high

Because a nerve in your neck that controls heart rate is hyperactive

Or Maybe

You feel fine

But Remember

Wellness is not waiting for symptoms

it is taking the necessary steps to prevent those symptoms

so you can function at 100% and be symptom free


It’s time to get your spine checked

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