Chiropractic Legend gives Young Ronald Reagan his Big Break

In 1922, B.J. Palmer purchased his first radio station, WOC or “Wonders of Chiropractic”, which was operated from the rooftops of The Palmer school of Chiropractic. His station, WOC, reached almost a million people; educating the public about Chiropractic and becoming the first commercial radio station west of the Mississippi.

Ronald Reagan made his first appearance on W.O.C. announcing a homecoming football game for “5 dollars and bus fare” as he had just missed an open position at W.O.C.. His chance came later when he took a position announcing the Drake relays for WHO, the radio station that Palmer bought later in Iowa. His reporting was such a success that Palmer hired him on as the sports announcer when WHO obtained a permit for a 50,000 watt station, making it one of NBC’s most powerful and far reaching stations.

Ronald Reagan was not only an employee of Palmer, but was also a patient. He utilized Chiropractic to reach his full potential, and I think we all agree that he had plenty of it to reach.

How a person performs is directly related to how their body is functioning at any given point of time. What system of the body controls and coordinates all other systems of the body…the Nervous System. The NS is the great communicator of the body. It has been said that a person’s life is successful to the level of their ability to communicate with the outside world, and that is also true with the body inside as well.

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