Coconut Oil- Believe the Hype! Cholesterol? Don’t Believe the Hype!

We consider ourselves so lucky to be able to sample the insights of Dr. Chris Reid from time to time. He recently sent us his commentary on a fantastic article on the health benefits of coconut oil and why Cholesterol shouldn’t be vilified and we couldn’t help but share it with our patients as well. Enjoy!

Periodically I come across a good article that bears sharing. This is one of those articles.
For those so inclined to read it, there are some major points that need to be emphasized. Please especially concentrate on the info regarding cholesterol and saturated fats. Cholesterol and saturated fat are extremely important to all those wanting to be healthy and have healthy brains and nervous systems! I have been saying this to my patients for 20, yes 20, years!
I heard an interesting comment at a nutritional seminar 2 years ago (from the presenter) that cholesterol medications are SLOWLY being removed from the current medical heart protocol, so as to AVOID tons of lawsuits! This is similar to what you have been hearing about antibiotics for the last several years. 12 years ago, Van Merkle of Science-Based Nutrition stated that research showed there is a direct link between increased mental/emotional stress and increased total cholesterol levels! The thought process is that during times of high stress, the brain will increase cholesterol levels to protect the myelin sheath of each nerve in the body! Wow! Our God-given brains and bodies are designed to keep us healthy! It’s a beautiful thing!
Should you ever have any questions about natural health protocols, etc., please do not hesitate to ask. I may not have an answer at the moment, but I have friends like Cathy Leet (an RN with Integrative Therapeutics) that can get answers.
This is about YOUR and your family’s best health for now and the future.

If you glance through the article, take particular note of the detrimental effects of low cholesterol and women with cholesterol below 195!
Also, coconut oil great for the teeth, as some of you already know. If interested, we have a great article in our office discussing ‘oil pulling’ which all should be aware of and practice for healthier gums and teeth.

Best of Health,

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