Common Fitness Frustrations

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hey guys Dr. Greg Hutti here with Be Well Chiropractic in Spring Hill Tn want to talk to you guys today about fitness frustrations or fitness goals and a little bit about the dieting aspect from the nutrition standpoint the workout aspect and how those work together on your body metabolism a little bio about me an exercise science major nutrition minor and they live from University I was in the body building when I was younger when I was I went from to competed in Colorado and BC so I could be the bodybuilding so I have a lot of experience in my background on kind of gaining muscle and also losing weight to get around % body fat so the first fitness frustration you’ll find is personal with the being January it’s getting a little late January hopefully or you’re dieting and your new year’s resolutions off to a good start hopefully you’ve seen some results right now some progress first of all if you’re not dieting you’re probably missing more than half the puzzle okay so hopefully all you guys are something here you’re trying to lose weight that’s what I’m hearing this talk about or people trying to lose weight next one or the majority so if you’re trying to lose weight hopefully you’ve gotten some type of diet okay so people don’t like to use the word diet and call it what you want but basically you’re trying to make you’re trying to burn more calories than you take in right that’s dying okay you can call it I don’t want to die I want to balance whatever you’re trying to lose what you still have to create that burning more calories than you take you an equation I’m saying that as far as I see it you call it whatever where you want but so last time any diet will work if you follow that equation if you are eating less than you were you will start losing weight okay and sometimes going to dish elites you’ll lose quite a bit of weight you know if you just follow a set diet okay as we gone go on to no frustration you’ll hear if you won’t room the weight you once were losing on it’s on the same diet okay and this can be one frustration for a lot of people usually that frustration is because you’ve lowered your chloric intake you’re eating less and when you started doing that your metabolism was at one level okay after three or four weeks guess whatever Metabolism now sometimes has gotten lower or it’s adapted to that new caloric intake okay so sometimes you’re not burning as many calories now of course the aerobics training comes into play here as well okay if you’re doing aerobics that will break out leave a little further maybe we’ll hit a plateau for two months or six weeks also it depends on how much weight you have to lose okay people that are already more fit their metabolism a little smarter if you haven’t been doing anything they’re starting to do something you’ll lose a lot of weight for two or three months on the same plan for a long time okay but when I’m talking about you’ll start after a little while you’ll start hitting a plateau or not losing as much weight as you want to work and Julie it’s because that metabolism has either dropped down or it’s kind of gotten smarter it’s knowing what you’re doing now okay so to kind of get through that plateau and to keep keep the results coming there’s some tips on how to raise that metabolism back up okay first thing is if you’re not already if you’re eating well or you’re doing a diet in some way shape or form and you’re also doing some aerobics that’s correct okay what I would tell you to do how to burn book that and tablet them up is to try to add to it extra meal in your diet okay there are several ways to boost the metabolism one of those ways is actually when you eat you actually burn calories more okay so if you’re eating five meals a day at a six mill it doesn’t have to be a huge meal it can be a bar it can be a salad it can be a shake just throw it in there okay if you’re in sick fields as that okay I’ve had people eat up to eight nine mill today okay and you kind of are teasing just the stomach’s a little bit okay usually a diet is working real well if you feel a little little hungry another tip on that too if you’re really hungry okay but again add another meal on there that will spice on the tablet them up again okay the next thing is add a a higher calorie day some people call this a cheat day and this is also a great thing to do just have a cheat day but if you’re eating let’s say calories a day okay and they’re trying to burn more than that with aerobics is stuff okay every fourth or fifth day add a meal and eat what you want okay not only does this satisfy your cravings but now your calories will for that day will jump up okay your metabolism will now jump up okay so the next day you go back on the low-calorie day your talent stays up high and you go back down low and also to be honest with you it kind of confuses the tablet a little bit talans like oh I don’t even do any doing this for weeks now Oh what was that it goes back up okay and then you go back down in it there’s always a lag time for it to catch back up okay you bump back up it goes up and let them in to be honest with you too you can you can do this in two or three different ways sometimes what I would do is I would diet good for three or four days and on that one for fifth day I would have a cheat meal or I would diet for six days and on the seventh day like Sunday I using a family anyway I would cheat the whole day where I would have whatever I wanted breakfast lunch or dinner if you don’t want to go that far out you can just bump up the calories by a falcon if you’re eating hours a day bump it up to calories okay again just for one day or so okay sometimes – if you’re really feeling really feeling the fishing and the energy is not there you leave it if you don’t even have enough energy for your workouts your child is already to level okay your your cards are way too low okay so you need to book those up anyway but sometimes not just a gradual blowing up having a cheat day it’s all soothing it solves the crazy craving problem and also a help to tablet then we go back up okay okay so the next thing I want to throw out there has been help some tablets above up if you’re only doing aerobics meaning anything over over aerobic means with oxygen you’re just running or walking doing treadmill sup and classes and stuff try throwing some are an aerobic activity in there either with weights or sprinting okay we’re interval training where you go out real real hard for a minute and then you let’s say you’re on a treadmill you can run you sprint for a minute a full minute going as fast as you can don’t don’t hurt yourself they’ll fall to tenth or anything or outside just when as hard as you can for a minute and then to is even if you go back to a slow jog okay incorporates sometimes aerobic get your heart rate up that’s another thing that will spice on the towel is about okay and if you’re really outgoing and driven just add another anaerobic activity in your day so if you do aerobics in the morning at lunch do an aerobic activity or do an anaerobic activity later in the evening do a couple splints here’s the thing about anaerobic Tim that you get a lot of bang for your buck you can do Tim’s friends knock it out in minutes and your heart rate pumping at your house like it’s up you’re going to need then you add the extra meal your metabolism is going way up everybody knows those people then metabolisms are so high they need whatever they want almost and they don’t gain weight right now part of that in genetic but part of that is is there a tab ilysm is so high okay if you want to get that metabolism you have to incorporate another meal and anaerobic activity like sprinting or something like that again do do some another thing that would help you to especially with women a lot of women think if they start lifting weights or getting nice big and bulky it doesn’t happen like that ask any guy it takes a lot of hard work to build muscle okay you’re not going to get big and bulky you’re actually looking at better okay so add add weights to your to your plans you haven’t already okay but again it is really ambitious you know get the diet anything like add some meals to your diet add that cheat day throw in an aerobic activity or just throw it in there with your aerobic activity and inclusiveness this is exercise event as well okay yeah it’s more work but you get more results you you won’t just see the skill go down you will see your appearance take shape like no other okay you’ll start looking defined you know like like all those guys girls in the movie but you’ve gotta likes it think of the metabolism okay don’t think of just calories all the time think of where your metabolism is and sometimes even with guys that guys you guys are really pushing and I’m talking about already really strict intense guys you guys are really pushing it on the diet take the week off on a diet again if your diet is so strict that you don’t have enough energy to do your workout your metabolisms already sunk okay and you’re probably noticing results on you being there either so I would even take a week or two off okay don’t go crazy but like I said take a look at two off where you’re bumping those calories up and get your metabolism back up okay and sometimes too with with guys and girls that are already really strict change your workout routine a little bit the body you know you’re always trying to outsmart the body always throw different things at it every six weeks or so that’s a good timeline every six weeks or so throw a different workout different an exercise you’ve never done before on the gym okay throw something out there you will see results because the body adapts to its own environment both dietary wise and also exercise wise do something different you will see results you not only on the scale if the scale even matters because again if you’re entertaining good good weight like muscle and your burn is bad or you’re looking better anyway it’s best to go buy some skin Kapler to measure body fat to know true results but like I said add those things to your program and I think and think about ways to integrate that in but again think metabolism to break past those Plateau D baby experiencing those energy drags you may be experiencing with your diet right now and again keep those results going keep the metabolism guessing keep your body guessing and focus on those things I think you’ll uh you’ll uh you’ll like it thanks I appreciate it it’s life it’s cool

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