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What happens to your body after trauma?


Hello, Franklin, Tennessee! It’s Dr. Janelle, Chiropractor for Be Well Chiropractic thanks for waiting on me I definitely want to make sure I take all the time with my patients if they need a little extra that day. Today’s topic is what happens to your body after trauma. I think I’m going to go through again the three phases of how healing or chiropractic works so you can relate the trauma to these three different topics. Number one if you look at a triangle the spiritual emotional is on one side of the triangle the mental is on the other side. The physical is the third sight obviously people go to chiropractors mostly for the physical. At this stage in the game we end up being the last resort not the first so typically my patients come in pretty bad off.

You could range from a trauma of anything from actually a birth like we’ve talked about in other videos that’s one kind of trauma to the body. To a passing of someone in your family which is another kind of trauma and the one that people most obviously think about which is car accidents. This even if it’s a minor car accident can be a severe trauma to the body. Depending on the state of your body, in fact the actual physics of a car accident is the faster the cars are going and the more trauma to the car the less trauma to your body. You know if you hit your head or something if a car is going slower and the car does not deform then the energy because energy is neither created nor destroyed it’s just changed to different medium goes into your body. So I’ll give you an example we got in an accident about two years ago and the car totally deformed but also we had a blue cooler inside when we opened up the cooler the entire plastic had broken into hundreds of pieces. It really, really freaked me out because the cooler was belted in. It really freaked me out because it reminded me of the physics of what happens to everyone’s body when they get a carcass net. Back Pain Trauma

You also have your typical sports injuries you have what’s called my coach micro trauma the best example of that is factory workers because they’re say/doing micro trauma over years to the same body part. Micro trauma has a lot to do with habits so you have all those kinds of things what happens to the body in every way. I don’t think this is a known fact, I think what’s not known is that you can really heal from it. Chiropractic is good at that because I would say chiropractic at least in my office we know where the assistant we know we aren’t the ones that’s healing your body your body heals itself and we assist it. When you go into surgery the surgeon can give you a new heart, they can patch up your knee, and they can do whatever. They can give you drugs so your body doesn’t reject a new organ but no one has control of whether your body accepts that except your own body. If you look at ten cancer patients they could get all the same treatment be all the same age all of those things but why do nine die and one lives? It’s because of the body’s ability to accept the treatment so the chemo didn’t heal the body, the supplements didn’t heal the body the body is self healing.

Then it’s what you do to it so let’s just talk about physical trauma. When my patients come in here I already know they’re are complete human being I know that every human has great days, really bad days, and everything in between. So I do my best to neutralize emotions to the point where they can breathe and heal during the treatment they can trust me. I’m here to help them even if sometimes when I do soft tissue you have to break through some stuff so physically, structurally any kind of trauma you have even if it’s a toddler. That you know toddlers are designed to hit their heads repeatedly that’s why you’ve got for lack of better words gross plates so that the body can have a better shot absorption system. The sooner that you deal with any kind of trauma the body’s young, the younger it is the better heal the faster it heals when you get adjusted. I call it unwinding, rewinding you people often go through the emotional feelings again of letting go of that injury as their structure heals as things get unlocked and I call it getting younger actually.

I always credit my energy to chiropractic really! I’ve been I’m in love with Gregg I’m in love with my kids but I would say chiropractic over the years is what’s helped keep me working well and young. Then it just so happens that Dr. Gregg’s my chiropractor now as well that was my office manager; I must be doing a really bad job needless to say. Getting adjusted, getting through that cell memory, and going on a treatment plan as a way to retrain your body from let’s call it life and whatever’s happened in life. You know from my perspective you got to pick your five things that you find of highest value and you’ve got to spend your time, energy, and money on those. If your body isn’t healthy and if it’s not working well after trauma then it’s going to affect your whole life and your ability to work because so many patients think they need to go into disability and they don’t. They’re going through an extremely hard time but if you get through that and if you keep working through that you can get back to what I call ability. Right so chiropractic helps unlock the body’s healing power and maybe a herniated disc is in the way, maybe the hips are out of alignment, or maybe the cervical vertebra which is in your neck hasn’t been moved, or maybe you’ve got cranial stuff from a concussion. By the way all concussions have a second of black out you can’t have a concussion unless you actually had a momentary lapse in consciousness. I don’t know if you knew that so people have longer lapses in consciousness and they say they blacked out every time you have a concussion the concussion itself is that momentary lapse of consciousness and then everything that happens there after it’s been what’s called a concussion. But it’s actually the momentary lapse of consciousness this is a real concussion FYI, so these things are not to be downplayed it goes back to again I’m a quality of life doctor and I also adjust because adjusting is the purest way to release your body’s healing energy and help it unwind.

So there is definitely more than pain and dysfunction going on after any kind of physical trauma, it affects every cell in your body and how it functions neurologically, how your brain senses things, and how your brain stem which is the off switch. Since this thing by the way your brainstem wanted to it is your brainstem is where your cranial nerves come out. Your cranial nerves cranium head are the nerves that run your head and face that when everyone knows is the optic nerve to the eyes okay so there’s other ones that run your face and head and they’re equally important. They have different functions swallowing, tongue chewing, facial sensation, and hearing balance. Okay what is the other important thing — Oh Parkinson’s that disease is in the brainstem not the brain like Alzheimer’s and dementia those are diseases of the brain. Parkinson’s is a disease in the brain stem and the term that they use or have used at least in the past is neuro. Like nerve February which is kind of part of the brain stem tangles, neuro fibularis tangles it basically means scar tissue in the brain stem. I want you to think that over because there’s no real known cause of Alzheimer, Parkinson’s, and cancer. It’s a lifestyle, its life it’s why people know kanawa don’t die of those diseases and there’s centurions but Americans do. Egyptians used to have cavities because their bodies are so well preserved. We know this they used to have cancer they just have all those things because they were a nation of abundance and then they died off because of that abundance.

So all the little things that you’re doing to be healthy be sure that it matters and I hear a lot well then so-and-so who looks so healthy got cancer too. So-and-so died of a heart attack and they look so healthy. Yes % of people that look healthy or workout or whatever drop of a heart attack often on Monday morning. I talked to a cardiologist about this why and it has to do with calcium levels and a bunch of things and stress first thing in the morning. Here’s the thing okay first of all that shows you that just working out and drinking water there’s more to it it’s having the body function well on the inside and neurologically in places you can’t see. It has a lot to do with stress secondly so should they not do their best to be healthy and that’s what I’m talking about here. Everybody goes through trauma in their life regardless of what it is okay but giving up and not doing your best is not going to lead you to that quality of life. You mean I’m forgetting adjusted it’s one of my things that I think everybody needs to do through their life. But there is basically the general Asian bone spurs pain okay all the symptoms you hear about are inevitably preventative and fixable, okay if given the chance they just are so it’s what you’re gonna do about the traumas. Have a wonderful day, have a wonderful weekend I’m going home this coming week for a family reunion that I’m actually very excited about so it’ll be four generations of family there and so I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July!

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