How the Holy Spirit Heals. Call today for a Free Franklin Women’s Health Exam: 615-967-7585

Good morning Franklin Women’s Health.

This is a new year and I have changed my entire clinic to:

“Franklin Women’s Health”

My name is Dr. Janelle Farris and I have two beautiful little girls.

I have chosen to focus on women and children’s health for a reason. This is the year for healing. This a year for feeling safe and bringing back sacred touch and trust that has been lost with the changes of 2018. This is the year for women to bring up good men.

I will never designate myself a healer. I am a doctor and teacher. The healing has always been through the Power of the great mediator the Holy Spirit. My place is that I have focused intention and a healing sacred touch.

When you visit my office. You can let your guard down with me. I am not here to do anything but help you.

I adjust people’s bodies and lives in many different ways. Including cranial work. To my knowledge. No real ancient cranial work is being done in this area. It involves prayer and the gentle movement of the bones of the skull and face that surround and protect the brain. I also perform traditional hands on chiropractic and low force impact adjusting for those who are afraid of what they have heard about my profession.

My office is a safe place. Where affordable care for yourself, your sisters, mothers, friends, and children is available.

I started this office Today.

And in reality it is always today.

Lol. Please call for your FREE exam. I have unloaded the $100 fee to be available to diagnose your needs and treatment plan.

615-967-7585 for your phone.

Love and Respect: Dr. Janelle Farris