How Meditation Can Improve Your Health

Meditation Webinar: Transcribed for Robots

hello everybody Dr. Greg Hutti would be well chiropractic care in Spring Hill Tn certainly you have two different occasions obvious in Spring Hill Tn and the other one in Franklin Tn today I’m going to go over meditation and the benefits it has to three different things okay meditation from how I’m explaining it basically a sitting still in a comfortable position okay and just focusing on your breathing okay for starting with five or ten minutes a day building up to maybe up to twenty or thirty minutes a day okay I’m not going to go into specifics on how to meditate there’s enough books out there on as there is more just the benefits not how okay but what I’m going for is just sitting still and focus on your breathing okay usually the way that happens is as you’re focusing on the under breathing if your mind tends to wonder on different thoughts you bring it back to focus on your breathing okay for a certain period of time the benefits of meditation I want to go over today is number one is the mind okay a lot of times stress comes about through different thoughts of the mind usually when you get up in the morning you’re worried about what you got to do that day you might be worried about what’s going on worried about all kinds of things what’s the state of the world all that stuff okay so that’s your thoughts kind of running amok in your brain okay so one thing that meditation does great is the best way I’ve learned explained it kind of separates you from your thoughts a little bit okay creates a little bit of distance so let’s say you get up you go to work on your coworker says something to you that your takes you okay you fix the thought oh my gosh you know you’re mad you know you’re thinking random thoughts about how they said they just respect you stuff like that so again your thoughts make you stressed your sympathetic nervous system goes way up your heart rate changes your adrenaline goes up you know all of you almost become a different organism okay so with meditation what primarily it does like I said it creates a little bit of distance between the thought and your reaction and again that’s the key your reaction okay a person who meditates sometimes will have the same thought but they won’t react and get that same response that’s someone who just kind of becomes identified with their thought and then again some today those adrenal glands goes up and sometimes people get so caught up and they’re thinking they can’t even calm down okay that leads to a whole host of symptoms in the body your body almost contracts you get tight muscle spasms you can’t think straight your performance goes down your body doesn’t work as efficiently as it would okay so the first benefit is just to the mind and just creating a distance between the thought and the response so you’re not as reactive to life you’re not as compulsive you recognize someone maybe make you angry that there’s nothing in sometimes it doesn’t change the response but you recognize something happen or you’re worried about something you recognize it but you almost let it go – okay and you stay more focused any crazy little different so you’re not again emotionally attached to the thought someone also described it as like a sunny day sometimes these bad thoughts are like clouds big dark clouds coming up day if you can identify with the cloud the thought it can take you and need distress okay where if you’re doing a lot of meditation during the day you can see this off for what it is but then also let it go by okay take the necessary steps that you need to take the action might be the same thing but you’re not as impulsive you get the same response to the body okay that’s number two so the first benefit is to the mind okay less stress on the line less you go in the body okay the next thing is again was going to be the body okay the body stress the body’s reaction to stress from that from your thoughts create like I said contraction create tension create back pain it’s improving stress is a big issue with back pain neck pain pretty much every and again I’m going to go with this pretty much every non physically traumatic disease associated with human beings there’s a stress component cancers heart disease diabetes arthritis there’s a stress component to it okay so again doing meditation once a day watching your thoughts creating some distance the response in the body of this is much again your heart rate doesn’t go up your blood pressure doesn’t go up everything stays normal almost like a lake it stays normal it does it the waves don’t go up and down okay so you’re more calm okay so again those two things mind-body connection is the most huge is huge and I think a lot of people you know in chiropractic we’re focused on the alignment of the spine so the nerves are free to do their job okay if you’re focused on your nutrition that’s all okay if you’re focused on working out right I mean you’ve got everything for your health that’s working for you the last thing is the stress and a lot of people they don’t think about that side okay they don’t have and sometimes working out can leave stress as well okay and you can also do ways of meditation while you’re working out but I said in my opinion dedicating some time each day to meditation and controlling your breathing and again just focus on your body is how it’s doing now is it’s huge for that last piece of the puzzle for someone’s total health okay because once you can kind of control of your thoughts somewhat your thinking and your reaction to it it’s going to go a long way for you the third thing the benefit is we mentioned the mind/body the third thing is just overall well-being okay when you control yourself better as you know your life kind of works better when your responses work better you know you’re going to behave differently to that person who maybe said something to you that maybe before would have ticked you off you have bad reactions and you got an argument to renew you may still have the same response but you don’t have that emotional build-up so you react to it more properly okay you’re in control of yourself a little bit more okay you’re able to do the right actions that you’re better able to perform better okay from a health perspective your body doesn’t go way up and way down you don’t you don’t get it fighting you don’t get into fight or flight mode and then go home and crash and just numb yourself by watching TV okay you’re more in the present moment now okay so again your overall well-being not just your health but everybody’s health around you increases okay so again that’s the three things I might do another one on specifically how to meditate not only dedicating a certain time of day to meditate but also just in your daily doing this you know your daily work house you can how you can kind of use meditation to kind of do your own work better okay but like I said mind-body connection is huge in this job role well-being okay so if this is kind of creating some interest in in doing that let me know again there’s tons of books out there on it but I feel like a lot of people come in to me just stressed out of their mind you know they’re just stressed out and you know a professor says one time to me you know if you have a patient with headache who keeps hitting their head every day are you really treating a call you know I mean so a lot of people don’t they just say stress is part of life which it is but you can’t just say stress is part of your life and killing your life health-wise you got to be proactive like anything else and meditation is a tool think about using to use to again taking get back easing some stress off and make your life work better in your help thanks I hope this guy hope this was a helpful for you guys let me know what you thought about this and let me know if we can ever help you with your back pain neck pain headache stuff like that that we help with every day here you will chiropractic here at Spring Hill and also in Iceland thanks guys

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