5 Miracle Adjustments Your General Practitioner Doesn’t Want You to Know About

The body is a SELF-HEALING MECHANISM. So why are we being told we need medicine for EVERYTHING? Medicine is a drug: ie: the Food and DRUG Administration. Time and CORRECTION of the CAUSE of the problem will help HEAL 95% of ailments. Doctors are TEACHERS. Teachers teach for you to Do. That is why Chiropractic (ie: bone setting) still works after 2,000 years. We are not a trend. We are the experts to help your body HEAL MIRACULOUSLY.

Here are  just 5 of the infinite examples of the Healing power of your own body when it can function properly with the help of Chiropractic:

Your brain stem or “off switch” is in the #1 bone or vertebra of your spine. Major player in headaches, sleeplessness, and irritability not due to your sports team losing.

It needs adjusted. My favorite, usually overlooked, place to adjust. This bone and the little ribs connected to it affect how you breathe, headaches, and posture: thanks computers!

Ever have low back pain or bad digestion, but no-one can figure out why? This little guy needs adjusted! Bone #T-12 protects the nerves that tell your upper intestines what to do.  It also controls the upper back muscles. Bones are the lock. Adjustments are the Key.

Unlock your Health. So the baby came out, but you can’t pee right or it hurts to sit down…the whole Key Bone, ie: the Sacrum needs adjusted. Ladies, all your pelvic floor muscles and your glutes attach to this #S-1 bone. Your baby is squeezing out of this area. Do you think it may need put back in place?

Does your baby have deep rosy cheeks that look like a skin issue? This bone #c-2 needs gently adjusted.  Major blood flow to the cheeks runs through here.’Ask’ my 6 month old daughter, who laughs during her preventative care.  Within 10 minutes, the ‘rosacia’ was gone.  She did not have to go on Adult skin drugs that are being tested on our children in the field.  Babies are a ball of healing.  Give them a chance to do so.  The bone is the lock.  The adjustment is the key.  Unlock your health.

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