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profileBonnie and her husband are long term patients who are in for increased quality of life. Bonnie came to Be Well Chiropractic with pain from arthritis and neck and back problems. With continuous care provided by Dr. Greg, including adjustments and exercises, Bonnie has been able to help manage her pain. “It is wonderful.”Bonnie Hohler

Shoulder Pain

profile“I started going to Be Well over 5 years ago when noticing a lot of lower back pain. As time has gone on, being a photographer has given me a lot of shoulder and back pain that is always relieved when going to the chiropractor.”

“(My experience) has been amazing and I have formed a wonderful relationship with both doctors. They continue to research how to show me more exercises and treatment plans to help strengthen my body.”

“My body has adjusted better as time has gone by and feels very flexible and strong doing long days at work.”Becca Stoll

Shoulder Pain

profile“Peder has been receiving chiropractic care for over 35 years. He’s used it for sickness, injuries, muscle strains, and preventative maintenance. He is currently having severe allergy reactions that are causing sinus pressure that can not be treated with antibiotics.

“Be Well Chiropractic is the best chiropractic group I have seen in 35+ years. Dr.’s Greg and Janelle have different strengths, so I see both doctors depending on my needs. They are truly amazing! My life would not be the same without the care I receive from Be Well.”

“Chiropractic care will continue to be a part of my life and hopefully will be for many years to come!”Peder Jensen

Lower Back Pain

profileCandice started coming to Be Well when she suffered from lower back pain due to an injury at work. She received care to correct the issue and is now able to visit the office monthly for preventative care.

“I’ve gotten a lot better and have learned how to take care of my own body with stretches and exercises Dr. Janelle has given me specifically for my body type.”

“I would recommend not just seeing a chiropractor, but seeing Dr. Janelle. She’s knowledgeable and thorough and will give you the best plan to bring you into a healthier lifestyle”
Candace Gilg

Radiating Arm/Shoulder Blade Pain

profileChasity came to Be Well with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and two bulging discs. Her symptoms included numbness, weakness, and pain in her arms, shoulders, and neck. With “successful chiropractic care and stretches” she is now on a monthly prevention plan and feeling well.

“I love (chiropractic). I don’t know where I’d be without it.”Chasity Hood

Neck Pain

profileFred started seeing Dr. Greg when he was experiencing neck and lower back pain that had been giving him problems since the early 90’s.

“I loaded up on Tylenol and other pain medications and tried getting frequent massages, which only provided temporary relief. I was always in pain and stiff.”

“I absolutely love this office and staff. Dr. Greg gave me a great program of treatments and exercises (and) I started to feel relief after the very first session.”Fred Johnson

Fear Turned to Love of Chiropractic

profileMichelle came to our office with chronic lower neck pain giving her trouble every couple of weeks. She was fearful of chiropractic care but, her first impression of Be Well was that our “office and doctor are completely knowledgeable” and she “felt safe”. She now “always feels better after leaving the office” and she now brings in all of her children for preventative care.

“Chiropractic should be in one’s priority list, just as taking vitamins and eating healthy. A must try, as you may not know how much better you can feel. Depending on the issue, I strongly feel chiropractic care is important to feeling healthy and staying active.”Michelle Smith


profile Wendy came to Be Well when four vertebrae came out of alignment, causing a pinched sciatic nerve. After a week of severe pain and numbness (off and on for several months), Wendy decided to give chiropractic care a try.

“I was kind of scared of the adjustments but I figured chiropractic care was the only medical care that could “fix” the problem. Dr. Hutti was very kind and good about explaining what was going on in a clear way that was easy to understand for an average person with no medical background.”

“(Dr. Hutti) recommended continued adjustments to re-align the vertebrae, daily exercises to keep movement and to strengthen my muscles, to hold vertebrae in the correct position.”

“I am so thankful for their knowledge and help!”Wendy Cripe

Immune Disorders and Pediatrics

profileWe have seen Anna since she was a child.
Anna starting coming to Be Well Chiropractic with lung complications due to cystic fibrosis. She was having middle back pain mainly due to coughing. She has “always been a huge fan of chiropractic care when it comes to keeping (her) immune system at its strongest.”

“Dr. Janelle has been a huge factor and partner in my health. When your body is aligned right it can heal itself so much easier. I think chiropractic care is crucial to my health and quality of life.”

Since seeing Dr. Janelle her “breathing has become much easier and more free.”Anna Clark

Bulging Disc

profile Heather had a slipped disk and was experiencing lower back pain. She says her experience at Be Well has been “great” and she “feels so much better and (she) has her life back.” Heather Dupes


profileDeion starting coming to Be Well with foot and lower back pain. His experience at our office has been “amazing” and he says he’s “learned so much about (his) body and how to maintain wellness.”

“I am better now than when I first came. I continue to get/feel better with every visit. I am learning things that I believe will allow me to stay healthy for a very long time.”Deion Sims


profileDonna started seeing Dr.Greg when she was “having a lot of headaches and tried everything else, with little to no relief”.

“I find that going to Dr. Greg was very helpful. I tried everything else (and) nothing seemed to help. My headaches are gone. I would recommend trying Dr. Greg. It does work.”Donna Hartman

Auto Accident

profileLauren starting seeing Dr. Janelle after an accident that left her with “numbness in her left leg, rib pain/cramping, and neck pain/swelling.”

Her first impression of chiropractic, this office, and the doctor was that “Dr. Janelle has a holistic approach that will have long-term benefits.” She was “very impressed with her knowledge and her approach.”

Since seeing Dr. Janelle, Lauren has gained back her range of motion in her neck and back. The numbness in her leg has gone away, the pain in her rib has lessened, and she no longer has headaches.

“I would recommend improving your lifestyle habits such as diet, physical activity, and chiropractic care.”

“I feel that this is a life-changing practice and that (chiropractic) is necessary for a healthy life.”Lauren Forsythe


profile“Dr. J is amazing! I could not have made it through my pregnancy without her excellent care. I’ve felt so much better and have had so much more energy! By far the best thing I’ve done for myself and my baby.”Amye Miller

Family Care

profileThis is what Lauren has to say after two weeks of care.

Lauren has been seeing Dr. Janelle for her back and shoulder pain. She was having difficulty breathing at times due to the pain.

Her experience at Be Well Chiropractic has been “so helpful and informative”.

“(I) feel so much better and the pain is practically gone.”Lauren Bagley

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