The Only Pelvic Exercise You’ll Ever Need

Hello world this is Dr. Janelle Hutti again. I got such a
tremendous response from last week’s
‘Body After Baby’ video so I decided to
follow up with actual pelvic exercises.
These are not your mama’s pelvic
exercises, we all know what a Kegel is
and most of us probably never do them.

I’m sitting at a stoplight and doing a
Kegel now. I will tell you from working
on people that a lot of times we’re
activating our glutes and not our Kegel
muscles because we’ve never been
properly trained. This is mostly for the
moment but it doesn’t have to be
because as a woman you need a strong
pelvic core anyway and you also do as a

These are things that need to be
addressed and the reason that I include
men on this is because we all have a pelvic
floor. Something that you all may not
know is that when your son was talked
about this goes into adolescence and
their testicles drop down, it takes
some of the abdominal wall with it, so
that actually weakens the area. Where you
hear hockey players and soccer players
get a bunch of hernias is because structurally
this is where a man’s abdominal wall goes and
that’s why they have those nice cuts where they
do in their abs. But a woman actually has
four layers of thickness here so we can
expand and push.

Now, I have decided through no experimentation
whatsoever to name this series of pelvic floor
exercises the “Ferris” method. The reason
is because my dad has four girls and a sister
so if I don’t keep putting Farris in my daughter’s
last name there will be no appearances. So to honor
my dad I decided to call this the Ferris

I don’t understand it in my mind how sitting at
a stoplight doing a Kegel remotely if
you’re ready to birth a baby or remotely
strengthen your pelvis. Likewise, the abs
are just the front of your back and they need
to be strong but a million sit-ups are
not going to functionally change
anything. You’re just good in the setup
motion with too much hip flexor involved

So I’m doing this for you so you can do
it at home.

First, we’re going to
practice the fact that you have to do a
Kegel with your money
a Kegel is not a glute squeeze. That’s
what I see the most – a glute squeeze – a
Kegel comes from the pelvic floor and
again I’m going to repost them so that
any picture that you can click on the
picture is 3D and you can move it
all over and you see how
much neurology is in the pelvis. The
neurology in the pelvis all comes from
the sciatic nerve and the sacral part of
this I added nerves so you see why a
chiropractor wants to adjust the low
back. The sciatic nerve runs the
entire lower body, not just back.

What I want you to do I’m going to give
you the three basic premises of what you
need to do now if somebody did show you how
to do this. So part one
is the fact that you have had equal and
opposite you have to have pelvic
strength and glute strength in the
contracted position. Not as a supported
position doing a squat and glutes and
support that eccentric contraction.
I’ll flex up for you two babies consider
is when it short eat sensitive that I
can hold a weight in life in it. Get the
difference you need a bulb but what
happens is we’re strengthening our goals
in a ethan dirt pattern it’s not helpful
totally. So, with the first type of cable
you want to squeeze up your pelvic floor
like you’re holding your key and you got
to go really bad you got to hold it
really hard. Okay, then relax it, then take
your left leg now notice none of this
is back and rotation. None of it. Who
cares if you can go that high because
it’s not your glue it’s your back, you
got it right, the glue only contracts to
30 degrees so it’s straight and yes, your
ad should be somewhat fun they’re
supporting muscles. Yes, because
do it all like this. Yes, you can,
but it is better to do it correctly and
perfectly before you get fancy. If
you’re also thinking “I can’t do that,”
“I’ve never exercised,”or what have you, I’m
too tired.
Okay, well if you have a new baby you’re
going to be tired for 20 more years so
you got to decide what you want 20 years
to look like so I suggest turn on The
Bachelor or watch NCIS. I’m going to
say O’Reilly’s, it’s easier how long you
can’t say I’m right Lee your ships keep
all the anti 72 say anyway back in the
old days when life was in a rut you
could do that because you watch cartoons.
let’s go is that not just Smurf I don’t
know what bubblegum with your kids

Okay, and squeeze up the pelvic floor then
relax it. Left leg, bring it down, squeeze up
the pelvic floor do right leg bring it
down squeeze up the pelvic floor sensing
back squeeze. So, this would be one
squeeze that’s two, three, down, you
squeeze in the middle the whole thing.
You will notice that if after about ten
times your pelvic floor can’t get
that same contraction, stop and relax.
Okay, because it got tired, can you
believe that after ten squeezes it got
tired, but your SOTA feel like not having
all your organs drop out the bottom.
These kinds of things should blow your
mind if you think about it.

Now, part two of
practice. How you play is this goes back
to “Are you Going to Break a Hip?” that
video that’s on my website somewhere. Are
you Going to Break a Hip video they
should be standard you understand a
third of the world can do this like day
in and day out because they have
physical labor jobs.

I called it like the
rice paddy position, like this used to be
normal, and from what I’ve read
historical people are just people.
Women, would like drop their babies or
kiss them and then just keep working. Put
them in the pep tubes so you have to get
your position to where first of all to
gain this again the all the way up and
down without momentum is a big deal. Down
here if you’re pregnant you’re going to
feel like you want to do this and that’s
okay, just don’t fall or hold on to
something or hold on to something
sideways. I hope you got to do it.

If you’re not pregnant, get your feet and hips in
position and your hips are not this wide.
Okay, your hip bone that might have
phones or maybe even a little like this
I don’t mean your glutes in your thighs,
I mean your hip bones are quite a bit
closer than you want to give yourself
credit. That’s your structure. Then,
from this position, suck it all up like
you’re peeing and relax. Suck it all up.

Now the next. So you got that down. Sucked up, relax, now
especially if you’re fixing to have a
baby, push the pelvic floor out. Make sure you
go to the bathroom already. Suck it all
in and then push it out. one thing in my
baby that my mom said that she was upset
about she went through all these will
not classes and I know this they never
take out a push you talked about
breathing but you never learned how to
push about some ball but you didn’t
learn how to push this is teaching you
how to push what I don’t want you to do
if you are lifting weight you’re doing
this is a hold your breath that’s called
about salva maneuver without salva
maneuver increases internal pressure
okay it’s not a good idea on your discs
if you’re not pregnant so you don’t hold
your breath you breathe so breathe in
hold it and breathe you should be able
to talk to anybody your kids on the
phone while you’re holding it still
holding it then push again whether
you’re pregnant or not this is the
exercising in and out of the pelvic
floor this is where I feel like the
fairest method really comes in because
have never seen the exercising on the
push part but this muscle is designed
like a bicep like I said in my first
video it is designed for full range of
motion last but not least I’m going to
show you a method to do this if you’re
not going to have a baby and then if you
I think this parts funny but until
you’re in a stupor you don’t duck you
don’t realize what’s in it’s totally
true so if you are not fit another baby
you can do one of these two things you
can either do it the way of the bridging
right or you tilt the pelvic floor hold
your Kegel in and move up that’s one way
then you’re squeezing your glutes
bridges are the bomb for resetting your
whole lower body anyway okay this is
more advanced but again we’re not
worried about boots they’re just there
to do their job where we’re in our
pelvic floor come up and then your Sui
even your pellets alluring okay
squeezing it now if you care about that
with baby say you’re at the end of your
second term then practice how you play
trust me you think you’re going to walk
all over the the room at the other hands
and knees you’re going to be in the tub
you may do all those sittings but at
some point it is way more likely that
you are going to enough like this okay
so practice how you play and practice
your plan in the end it is most likely
that you’re going to end up in this

position to actually get the baby out so
just put your legs up on the couch or
whatever and we use the pelvic floor up
okay then your stomach tight your glutes
traction relax in this case then push
and then breathe in and squeeze and then
push okay so another question I get for
people that are real specific is how
many times do I do today I would say
start with 20 a day once a day if you’re
about to have a baby do it twice a day
so 40 total if you’re more of a field
person like me I do it till I feel like
I’m getting a good contraction and I do
it till I feel like I can’t do any more
I don’t really count it’s a house my
body doing that day but I would start
with 20 times a day every day whether
you’re pregnant or not in these three
positions and you’ll notice in all these
positions you’re getting a lot of hip
stretches as a side note but there’s a
saying from shark tank called the
squatty potty’s if you like the shark
tank I love the shark tank
and I loved it twice cookies because
whether saying is true it’s just that we
don’t want to get to that point and I
know y’all have heard by now with the
Japanese toilets where it’s just a hole
in the ground right and you’re having to
sit this way because the detrusor muscle
is a Slaton that has to relax to go to
the bathroom

this squatty potty let us sit in the
comfort of our only bathroom and you can
use books or a squatty potty put your
legs up to get a good bathroom um I just
feel like it’s kind of how do you want
your quality of life to be like we can
all do these things but at 35 and that
way how you want to see your life ended
when such simple things can keep you
young and in correct me if I’m wrong at
some point after 30 you realize you
thought about women’s the bathroom more
than you thought you would at 30 or
after you have made me that for what I
forget it that’s how the conversation at
home so this is a very viable solution
way for the human body and it sent all
the more benefits you post pregnancy
where I come in with the adjustment is
when things aren’t working right and
they are stuck like a lock-and-key okay
your providers have the key that came in
resetting your pelvis one thing I
learned about Acura in my second baby is
my OB said I called her design an issue
with having that the girl I told her
what was going on and she’s like well
you would know more than me about that
there is no post mom care once the
baby’s out Zippity zero post mom care
and I am here to start a wave of post
mom care not just on getting back to
your skating okay because if you’re in
your skinny jeans but you feel and
function like crap I am NOT going to
feel the same okay so I’m a Buick IRA
practic and Franklin my husband’s be
well chiropractic in Spring Hill if
you’re closer to Spring Hill what he and
I do is the drive to see me is a little
inconvenient you would see me a few
times to get me getting through some of
this pelvic stuff get your adjustment
under one
I figure our full diagnosis and if you
need to see him the majority of time for
care you can see hander than I would see
you every fourth time we make it very
convenient for you we have we are open
the most hours of the company of any
chiropractic probably in the country and
you have the choice of two doctors and
two opinions for the same cost for open
on Saturdays as well but if you need to
see me for this issue I do specialize in
this specific thing you can see me for a
period of time to get your prevention
with them too all right thank you for
watching see you next time

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