Chiropractic and Spinal Decay: Why You Can’t Afford to Wait

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hi hello Tennessee this is Dr. Janelle Hutt hello Auburn Illinois hello family and cousins not exactly sure who cares to listen to these videos but here I am on Tuesday I’m actually listening to the Hoosiers soundtrack right now because I started showing my girls the clip about when Jimmy Chitwood is talking to coach dale about how he has his own gift to do what he chooses and it doesn’t matter who else thinks anything is his gift to do with what he chooses so I played that multiple times for my girls the other day because I watched it this is a little-known fact my dad probably doesn’t even remember I watched that movie every single day for four years when I was in basketball so that’s how I trained myself way back in high school so needless to say that’s how I feel about all of you each have your own special gift to do with what you choose and it really has no matter whether anybody else has anything to say about it if that’s your gift then do your best today I am talking about spinal decay and why you can’t afford to wait so let’s get the money factor out of the way if you’re at my office we will chiropractic Franklin or Doctor Grigsby will chiropractic Spring Hill for you to be on a preventative or a maintenance schedule it would cost you roughly $ a year which is nothing Berger because it would cost you about to get to dental cleanings an x-ray a filling that’s everything’s going well so any of you had a root canal then it would cost you triple quadruple so if any of you have an issue with the money with chiropractic it’s more vote are you being educated on the value of what chiropractic is which is on us not whether it’s too much money or not because health care is expensive so the thing on spinal surgery it has such a fell rate I can’t stand it I can’t stand it because it has a cell rate I’m actually not inherently anti surgery if the thing worked so past two years after spinal surgery as an epic fail rate or I wouldn’t see everyone after they’ve had spinal surgery knee surgery has got a better right as far as I just send somebody the other day for torn meniscus and whatnot it is what it is I’m sure that everybody seen the trend in physical therapy and physiotherapy and exercise everything gets renamed I’m going to get back on the Affordable thing but let me mention this is hasn’t bugged me most things have been bothering me for years I’m just now telling you about it how everything has a therapy on the end of it like music therapy I remember I went down a long list like things that had become a therapy music therapy will most of us probably do that every day because I currently just morning listened to Prince Phil Collins and ac/dc to get ready for my morning then I got to the office and I listened to Prince again and now I’m on the looter soundtrack so I can’t properly adjust my patients without the proper playlists on for the day and I never know what it’s going to be I know that it’s not therapy its life so head to toe yes everyone needs objective doctors like somebody for their brain and eyes and teeth and spine and spines general wellness is chiropractic as well and then the medical side and I still tell my patients to take their kids to the pediatrician once a year so the pediatrician can see their kids healthy but it’s not fair to the medical side if you just go in when you’re sick then they have no idea what your baseline is so I’m actually pro doctor and general Pro patient pro health pro-life I didn’t really mean to get into that it just came out but with no judgments get it because everybody has their own life everybody deserves grace everybody deserves to be forgiven everybody deserves the fact that they’re doing the best they can that day getting back to that you can’t afford to wait so it may let to say final surgery is brutally expensive but more than that you’re risking being disabled and if I mean that’s a whole different kind of life I’m using the basketball right now so today I’m not rolling I’m using the best people so it’s more back again to the quality of life you want chiropractic can be scary if you don’t know what the heck is going to happen B don’t trust your doctor see here all the story then I’ll go back to yes chiropractic the procedure yes there’s risk to it I do a four part exam I charge more so I charge a free consult for the first five minutes so you can figure out if I’m the right doctor for you period and here I am a professional doctor and I do my best to take out personal opinions or to let you know this is my personal versus professional opinion but I do the medical check for safety in the cardiovascular system and I do the whole neurological check I do the orthopedic check and then I do the chiropractic exam so it’s thorough and I charge a hundred dollars because it’s good thorough exam whether it took me five minutes or a day it’s a good exam and I think it’s a good value for that to find out another side of things what do you want to get adjusted or not so adjusting the sign is just moving joints okay and joints moving millimeters whether you’re adjusting or whether you’re doing surgery whether you’re doing laser joints moving millimeters and then you’ve got the gross motor skills which is like throwing a baseball and doing squats and whatnot that’s a whole different kind of biomechanics you understand it all works together the afford part that has nothing to do with money or some people call it life wealth we all need money to pay for stuff in this world that’s for sure but it’s what you’re going to pay for personally in my family we spend a lot of money and always have on supplements because the food isn’t as well organic food and preventive health care so my folks took me to the chiropractor long before I was a chiropractor I’ve also paid other chiropractors even when I was fully a doctor of chiropractic because they deserved it and it’s their time and they’re working on me and then when my kids get to kindergarten I’ll have a chiropractor besides myself at least there for them in case they don’t want their mama or daddy to be their doctors so the afford and the volume it’s all relative this is nothing new for you all whether you get your teeth cleaned or wait until you need a root canal or your tooth pulled which when you pull your teeth of course changes the whole mechanics of your mouth that’s all a very deeply personal decision about how you want to spend your money in the quality of life you want to have some people do everything right per se and still wind up with cancer and used to be more of a confusion to me why that happens than it is now and I realize that that’s the sucky part of life the only two choices you have are then are you going to keep living your highest quality life before and after that situation or even as though well I’ll have something bad happen anyway or something that happens anyway are you going to go down that path it’s just really one path of the other path you just do the best you can and you can’t control the world so with not affording the way I’m going to talk straight-up about the spine this will be easy if you go on our website what we treat explaining disc issues explaining herniation explaining sciatica explaining headaches explaining radiating pain Pediatrics the whole nine yards you can go into what we treat you can see how we treat so the different methods we use I’m not a loyalist and you can go and see why we treat and then we’ve got videos and whatnot that will save you a lot of time as far as if you trust what I’m saying is to being accurate and true that doesn’t mean you have to agree with me got it that will actually give you a full free consult so when I talk about y-you can’t afford to waste ruck chorally you’ve got zero to four that’s the grade of spinal degeneration zero is textbook normal it’s moving well why do chiropractors think every spine needs to be adjusted what you Dennis think every teeth need clean why the hair girl think everybody needs to get their hair cut that’s just the body that’s life so there’s zero which is total maintain where you’re at move well pro athlete level stuff there’s one which is actually textbook normal spine which has more of what chiropractic helps subluxation and it’s a funny word it’s an annoying word but it’s funny that means just slightly out of location not dislocated which you need to put under hopefully a lot of times not and relocate the joint level to is a start of degeneration I always say that’s where like the bulk of my patients are out regardless of their hate unless they’re little and that means some degeneration fluid in the spine because fluid is the first sign of pathology for anything whatsoever that’s what I got out of pathology class for all its details which was just annoying everything that’s going the wrong way has some sort of fluid or protection on it that’s level one getting degenerated bulging disk is level one again go to the website level two is maybe sending discs osteophytes which are bone spurs which you shave off one and it grows three think about that for a while so you’ll feel better for a while function better for a while but invading the spine surgically your body will lock down into more protection and has triple the issues the body does not want to be invaded at all that’s why our precise chiropractic adjustments are a big deal that’s why I still have mentors and I always will because the specificity and the way that you move something and the integrity that you have as a doctor is all relevant from my professional personal perspectives not my religious perspectives what else Stage three herniated discs caring for sure pain like you’ve never felt not the same as labor FYI people think they’re going into surgery at this point and there’s no hope total hope but you’re in it for the long haul whether you go to surgery or not you’re going to need adjusted you’re going to need PT you’re going to need to change your lifestyle or you’re headed down a path of pain and this could happen overnight technically but the inside of your spine is already been weighed each enter acted phase four is full fusion of the spine that the body did itself here’s my deal on stage for when the sacrum which is the key bone the butt bone gets fused to l I have kind of a connection I’ve only seen it twice in practice it’s barbaric and I would say that to the surgeon me you are fusing down basically the nerves between the bottom of the intestines the gonads or the sex organs and the bladder you’re fusing the bones around that together and that is a disservice to the person so I’ve only seen that a couple times fortunately surgery is getting less invasive I should tell you something a lot of Surgeons like chiropractic that should tell you something Stage four is when the body fuses its own spine to itself in a massive way there’s this disease called shaman’s disease does it to the whole spine which is sad but if you have your spine fused and let’s say you’re only in a stage bulging disc but in a lot of pain then you are surgically taking your body to a stage this is just the truth this is like the actual physical physics of how it works so made let’s to say what you can afford depends a lot on priority education time and value of your very own life not retiring I’m going to do what I do by the grace of God I get in and out of a day can take care of the kiddos and I think dry gray feels the same way but this is chiropractic pure and simple there’s a there’s a triangle triad called I feel like it should be different so I’ll tell you how I think it should be it’s a triangle and triangle all sides are even one side is called the emotional side it should be spiritual emotional on that side that’s got nothing to do with us that’s a personal thing everybody walks around with those feelings and all it’s all good that has nothing to do with us then there’s a mental side which has a lot to do with nutrition that we educate on has a lot to do with stress that we educate on so those aspects we do discuss we don’t do any kind of psychology or anything like that again it’s good to have objective people to help one sort things out but you know we’ve got red referral systems if people need that but we talk about nutrition stress and all of those things and then the physical size that easiest part for people to understand because when they feel pain its physical and obviously the adjustment the exercises and the exam and all of that is silica but that’s the triad of health it’s just that the spiritual emotional should be on one full side and they’ve got it divided up all funky in the regular pyramid so also in my office I change something about two weeks ago we’re taught in school there’s a cute pain on acute and chronic and then we’re taught there’s these different kinds of care for acute chronic and prevention and then I added maintain again I’ll say that again I add in maintain which were not taught in school because maintain is that there’s nothing wrong and someone’s just coming in to get treated and that’s a beautiful thing and far be it for anybody let alone myself to take that away from somebody so have a joyful day that’s it

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