Dan Rolfson

Dr. Hutti is caring, attentive, and always looking at the best ways and options for me to be healthy. It’s not about the next appointment, it is about the best path for me. He has helped me get through numerous injuries and back issues. He kept on the road running and competing in races. I am grateful for him and their amazing staff. Thanks Doc!

Natalie Tremblay

I have been going to Be Well for over 2 years now and I absolutely love it! Greg & Janelle are so personable and they really seem to care about you, rather than just your ailments. And Mason is a rockstar at running the office! I appreciate everything that happens at Be Well. They make my life so much easier.

David St Charles

I’ve known Dr. Greg and Dr. Janelle since 2008. Back then I had chronic back pain, and had consistent problems with by back and neck during workouts. They convinced me the importance of ongoing maintenance. I now go once per month, and can honestly say my physical health is better than it’s ever been. They take the time to listen and come up with specific plans for you to achieve and then maintain good health. I would highly recommend them both!

Heather Byers

Sean tried to get an emergency appointment with another doctor, but couldn’t be seen. We remembered that Be Well was down the street. Mason worked hard re-arrangingother appointments so Dr. Hutti would have plenty of time with Sean. We’ve never had such a warm and pleasant experience as this. Everyone at Be Well is amazing and we give them 5 stars.

Megan Farris

Since Dr. Janelle Hutti is my sister people might assume that I am a little biased [and I might be just a little bit :)] However, I have been receiving Chiropractic care for almost 20 years and since we don’t live near each other I have gone to numerous Chiropractors but have yet to find one that I like more than Dr. Hutti. When you meet her it is obvious that she cares and that she wants you to be living a healthy life. My favorite part of Dr. Hutti’s care is that she explains what she is doing and why she is doing it – which is very empowering as a patient.

The Ward Family

Thank you, Dr Janelle and Greg Hutti for opening your hearts to me and my family. I will never forget coming into your office January 2010, barely able to walk after my back locked up and spasmed on December 26, 2009, for four days, were I was bedridden in Ky, before I could even go into the ER for medical assistance to obtain a shot. It took two more days for me to travel back to TN to come into your office. Since then, I have had only one setback were were Dr. Hutti, graciously did a in home visit after Thanksgiving, November 2012, when my back locked up and was spasming again, leaving me helpless and immobile(degenerative disc L4/L5 and C1/C2) . I was so grateful and blessed for Dr. Greg to assist me in my home. Because my back pain and spasms were
intolerable, and I could not stand, sit or walk. I know, if he did not attend to me in my home my mobility would have suffered and not improved that day or two. I would have been bedridden, once again.

Since I have been coming to you and Dr. Greg Hutti I have been able to manage my back, shoulder and neck pain. I still have some good and painful days due to weather and etc., but no pain like when I initially step foot into your wonderful chiropractic establishment! My husband back
and neck is also manageable with your adjustment services, as well as my daughter.

You and Dr. Greg Hutti have serviced my whole family and we love, respect and trust you both. Thank you for your professionalism, friendship, training and chiropractic services.

Amy Beckum Luker

BeWell Chiropractic is absolutely the best all around care I have gotten in the Nashville/Franklin area. Dr. Janelle and Dr. Greg take each patient seriously and actually listen. They work hard to find solutions that work best with each patient. Each time I visit the clinic, I immediately feel better. These doctors truly love their profession and their patients.

Diane Whisnant

I’ve had Chiropractic care for over 25 years and am so glad to have found Be-Well after moving here 6 years ago. Dr. Greg & Dr Janelle are two excellent practitioners who really care about every single patient!

I always feel as though they take their time with me, listen to me, never rush through, and always give a thorough & complete exam/adjustment. They both are wonderful, caring, compassionate doctors and I highly recommend them.

Nona Jensen

Chiropractic is one of the most helpful ways to get relief from any back or related injuries- we have been faithful patients for most our lives! Drs. Hutti are the very best doctors we have ever been to! Bless them both!

Missy Scott

All of my life, I’ve been involved in gymnastics and cheer-leading, from the recreational to collegiate levels. My body has been twisted, bent, and pounded for years. I have been suffering from headaches for over two years and seemed to be living on Ibuprofen. I finally tried Chiropractic care with Dr. Hutti. I was able to go a full week without any Ibuprofen! I am happy to report, I only occasionally have headaches from time to time.

Susie Ferguson Smallen

Dr Janelle and i have a long dr/patient history…she helped me through a time when i was so down in my back (i was thrown from a horse and burst fractured a vertebra and many budging disc) i didn’t think i would get through it…not only did she get me through it with her magic hands, and dedication she helped me learn my body and has kept me up and doing my favorite things…there aren’t enough good things to say about Dr Janelle…i love you to the moon and back!!! thank you so much


Dr. Greg has helped me immensely. I was experiencing bad pain in my gluteal muscle and tailbone area after a difficult pregnancy and postpartum season. I really was not able to sit or travel in a car in comfort. His adjustments helped and after a few visits that issue was almost non-existent. Dr. Greg has also me for lower back pain that seemed to be connected to an internal pelvic organ prolapse that I suffered during my postpartum time. The back pain is greatly reduced and I am living better than I was before my appointments. I`m pleased and will continue to be a patient of BeWell Chiropractic.

Jenn Maciuk

We LOVE BeWell And Drs Janelle and Greg! When our son was born he had horrible acid reflux and Dr. Janelle was recommended to me by another patient. I can’t say enough about the care she took with Silas and the results of the treatment he received. It’s a tough thing to trust your newborn in the hands of doctors you don’t know, but we instantly felt like she loved him as if he were her own and truly cared about his health and well-being…as well as us, as his parents! We adore Dr Janelle and consider her a friend.

Denise Ribo McLain

Don’t know how our family of 7 would stay as healthy as we do without the Huttis!

Tracy Sterling

I love BEWell! Dr.’s J & G Hutti are AmaZing! If my kids or I ever get sick or have a medical issue, I always call them first.

Melissa Randall

I wouldn’t know what to do w/out Be Well. If I have neck pain, headaches I see them. They’ve helped me through my bulging disk problem, & all my illness last year. They are personable and know what they’re talking about.

Chasity Hobbs Hood

The best Chiropractors around, no doubt about it!