Top 3 Neck Exercises to STOP NECK PAIN You Can Do at the Office

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Dr. Greg Hutti here with Be Well Chiropractic Care in Spring Hill TN certainly go to different locations ones Spring on the other to Franklin so today I wanted to go over three different neck pain exercises you can do at your workstation at the office the next primarily gets a lot of stress from office posture because we’re along computers all day okay so our head is forward over our shoulders okay some tire fractures have described it imagine a bowling ball in your hand can we see this Oh pavement yeah imagine bowling ball on your hand and you’re holding it like this all day okay your head weighs to pounds give or take so imagine all that stress going on your arm that stress also goes on your neck okay so posture is important and today the exercise will help with the posture as well okay lot of this size to two of these exercises are putting motion in the spine putting motion in the neck and that’s key so if you’re sitting for all day and you’re not moving all day that even gets the muscles stiff and tighter as well I also can lead to misalignment in the spine as well neck pain okay the first exercise I’m going to go over is the most basic and it’s more postural okay usually when we’re facing forward our ears our heads in front of our shoulders like this okays we need to get our head back over our shoulders okay here’s the first exercise okay we call it chin tucks basically chin tucks some people call it devil chance because your REMEC Center puts you in but basically if your heads forward you’re going to do this chin tuck you’re going to tuck your chin in like this okay this automatically brings your ears back over your shoulders okay and then you can actually relax okay run again the chin is bringing the head over the shoulders from this angle here it looks like this so I’m bringing my chin in actually what I’m doing is I’m tracking my SCM muscles right here sternocleidomastoid muscles but pain right here okays you’re bringing the champion and holding it okay alright now this can be done two ways first it can be done when you notice that your head way forward you can do this real quick and then you can kind of relax and that’s your normal good posture okay youkan also do this exercise as an exercise okay with the exercise you want to bring the chin in and hold it like this start out with twenty or thirty Seconds buildup to a minute okay sometimes with this exercise because you’re using different muscles because you’ve been forward all your life you’ll be using it as the end muscle that you’ve never used before and you’ll actually be stretching the back muscles differently okay so sometimes it can lead to a dull headache or even little bit of pain okays the pain if I want a one to ten scale ten being the worst the pain should like to be a two or three if it’s a five or six you need to give us a call let’s see if we can help you might have something more serious going on okay it should be like a good stretch or workout pain okay maybe even a good I should use the word pain maybe just a good a good working out a good stretch to the muscle okay again bring this okay chin tuck okay get the head back load shoulders so you can use it for posture just to kind of reset everything so very good posture but youkan also do it at your workstation to kind of retrain the muscles the correct way okay exercise number two okay thesis the one that’s going to put motion back in the neck okay this one would be better used if you have a towel okays first you’re going to do that exercise you just did you want to do it at the right posture okay you don’t want to do it out here so do the chin tuck bring the chip the ears over the shoulders okay throw the towel around the neck like so okay now here you’re not pulling here I mean you’re pulling little bit but you’re not pulling a lot it’s just an anchor just use it as an anchor okay so you’re just going to go back like so and forward okay back and forth back and forth make sure you don’t do it out here though okay you get the head back first okay do this about ten to ten to twelve times okay this one there should be not any pain with this okay it should feel good you’re actually going the way the spine should go okay again we’re getting rid of that forward posture okay if there’s neck pain with it give it a call there’s probably something out of alignment there is something more structural that that might be need some assistance with okay the next exercise is number three is another one that puts motion back to the neck again make sure you do this exercise first with the ears over your shoulders okay this one get the ears over shoulders and this was real basic you’re just going to look left and right again left and right simple rotation of the neck okay don’t do this one forward okay this one again you’re just putting motion the top of the neck the neck the neck bone at the top of the next thing one’s like a circle so we’re doing is we’re introducing motion at the top of the neck okay the other one’s got the motion to bottom in the middle of the neck this one’s getting the top of the neck this one will also loosen up the shoulders over time okay so don’t do it out here though okay make sure again ears are over your shoulders and left and right rotate you do about two sets to reps okay here’s the secret to with these exercises do then when your day starts not when you start to feel the neck pain not when you start to feel discomfort to have a routine where you do the beginning of your day middle of your day and end of your day if you do it by the time you’re tight at the moment is already gone to the bat basically okay you got to keep it on the good you grotto keep the motion in there to prevent it from getting stiff does that make sense we’re being real chiropractic if you do have a neck pain though that hasn’t gone away on its own these exercises are very general for the general person but if you have pain with any of these exercises and you have something that’s been there and has not gone away or headaches with these that is not normal first step in getting helps to understand that something’s not normal and then for the help give us a call schedule consultation it’s always free and we only instep cases that we think we didn’t help and if we if we think we can help you we’ll take the next step which will be an examination to see if you have a subluxation which is a misalignment of spine it’s not moving the way it should order something more structure there that maybe we even need to refer you okay so don’t just let it go anyway guys we’re going to do more these Facebook post love any feedback hope you got a lot out of this and pick you let’s know if we can ever help you okay six one five three zero two seven nine eight thank you very much there we go that’s smart at the end there ah

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