Vaccines and The Honest Chiropractor

Transcription for robots:
I talked to you about vaccine I think most people because of a chiropractor think I’m militant about no vaccine that’s just not true and this is a professional opinion this is not a personal opinion it’s a professional opinion I am for common-sense healthcare I straight up you know all the information you understand about chemistry to the body how it works can do the magic equations and common-sense health care how does health care means patient force health care here’s why I’m poor that and it’s not a middle of the road I don’t want to make a decision thought it is just true I’m and I’ll tell you what I’m doing for my kids and why first of all on the no vaccine side see this right here I do not have the mark of the smallpox system shot and this is the really only argument for no vaccines in my mind yet that somebody is pro vaccine well why did they quit giving the so boxed shot well I I don’t know you know I don’t know well I guess smallpox quit coming around interesting smallpox could happen I think it’s going to be right before I was born because I’m fully back fitting into my parents fully vaccinated me I grew up with antibiotics and all those things because that is what they knew and I have great parents they did the best that they could but what happened is Smalltalk did in essence become dead or in the soil and so the CDC the Centers of Disease Control which you need to understand are so different it’s such a different organization of the American Medical Association the Centers for Disease Control make these decisions based on worldwide pandemics and health and basically the risk of having the vaccine with greater than the risk of actual smallpox so they should blow your month and with measles there’s two countries in the world left that are active with measles we found out that in giving the active vaccines actually more people we’re getting the I didn’t even call them diseases in that case they would have had without so the controversy is at meals is instead the person that got them in Disneyworld can’t imagine how low that human beings immune system was it makes me sad for them the solution is not to give more Maysles vaccines so on that end I even talked to my OB my OB want me to get the pertussis shot this year when I’m pregnant because this can be asymptomatic no way no way doc can I talk to my doctors very seriously and they treat me like colleagues all of them do I’ve got my dermatologist my OB you know your different ones that help you I said I’m not good the number one reason is it comes with diphtheria do I needed a serious shot my very medical OB said no you do not need to diphtheria shot because this area is not in our country and I think it was you can take tetanus doc if I stepped on a rusty nail would I need a follow-up of ksps you would so do I need a tetanus shot note very medical OB no you don’t but you want me to get pertussis so let’s say the right thing to do is to get a pertussis shot let’s just say I’m getting two other diseases into my parent brand-new baby over that I don’t think so this is not logic it’s not my OB it is the industry a wheeze a lot of medical doctors actually believe the way I do that are very middle of the road but they’ve got their hands tied and per se so I actually feel the fight of a lot of medical doctors too because I feel like % of medical doctors hearts are in the right place I really do the thing about the pro vaccine for vaccine let’s say Ebola started coming out rampantly in the United States you know you can bet you’re behind that I’m getting my kids the vaccine the thing is if everyone’s going to get exposed to Ebola let’s just say everyone in the USA the vaccine is giving them the weakened form of Ebola they’re going to catch it anyway I want them to get the weak form so they have more time to build immunity so it doesn’t hit them like a jackhammer that’s why we do that that’s why I’m not anti-vaccine because if you put you know my foot to the fire I would tell you I wear is the Ebola vaccine if I want to go down to Florida I would say that that’s why my anti vaccine but there’s times places individuals for everything the other thing is if you look at the AG sex scenes and I think most people know this when I got vaccinated with very minor the chickenpox are horrible if you had chickenpox my parents and their siblings all have amazes in month there are horrible virus and they look bad I think the reason we have this vaccine too just because the measles month and chickenpox look back under itchy and miserable not because they’re life-threatening if somebody’s passing on because of the flu or because of you know viruses like that there is a lot more going on no I don’t want that to happen to my kids but if the answer to give them you know any vaccines in their young life notes so I think that the middle of the road approach is the proper approach I think it has to be straight logic I think that these medical doctors that are legally allowed to give shots and vaccines and are making these heart-wrenching choices for their patients I’m for them I want them to keep fighting a good fight on behalf of their patients I want the anti vaccine or to keep fighting the good fight but I think both sides like with anything need to listen to each other they need to understand that there’s not balance there’s never a medium okay for anything but there is a correct way to do a safe

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