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this is doctor Janelle S. Farris, Chiropractor from Franklin TN I am going to talk today about function not perfection I may have to turn on the light in my office to be fully functional I went live early today to make sure that I was highly functional and perfect so hopefully if you’re not seeing this live you will review it the reason this is a topic for today number one is because my office manager comes up with the traffic and number two he’s usually quite accurate when it comes to what my concerns are my deal is and this is consistent okay especially with my sweet Mama’s who really their goal is to be a superhero and you are the problem is you’re not going to hit perfection level until you grow your angel wings like legit grow your angel wings and I don’t think anybody wants to do that right now I think you’d all like to stay here in your human life with your human families and your human kids so the goal is functionality not perfection part of that on a philosophical level is just to forgive yourself and forgive others and then you realize that I thought about this recently maybe the worst day of your life before kids was the best day of your life as long as your kids are okay in the future that makes sense so in regards to chiropractic the reason this is an issue is I typically see patients after they have tried everything medical and it is typical this is all typical not always this is typical the problem is when chiropractic and natural health is used as a last resort it does take all the longer to get better I get asked this a lot or this is implied a lot if it sometimes is helpful to my um bottom line well I would guess that everyone’s paycheck is so this is what I choose to do because I love it and in the options of a hundred or a thousand different jobs this is my love and my passion and I am here to do this for life so I am here to help your physical function I am here to adjust you chiropractic ally which means spine only first then I do cranial work which is not standard in chiropractic but well your brain is in your cranium and the cranium breezing moves not like your elbows and your knees but it breathes and moves so therefore I feel like it’s an important part of the chiropractic adjustment because your brain is what tells your body to work I also adjust extremities shoulders elbows wrists hands hips knees ankles toes if there is a chief complaint that is related to that area in an orthopedic surgeon ask me why in the chiropractor I do that because that is something that orthopedics do as well but orthopedist do that if you have a dislocation or sometimes they have to put you under like with anesthesia I’m doing it if it’s a subluxation sub means below it’s less than a location and goodness but helps the function so function will proceed any kind of life health success it’s like whether you my least favorite word in the English language is try and every time I end up using that word accidentally I correct myself and say do or don’t do that’s not a perfectionist thinking that’s a realist thinking so you either did run a four-minute mile which back in the day it was unheard of or you did not you didn’t try to do it you either did do it or you did not do it and that doesn’t mean it’s bad maybe you ran a four-minute point two second mile and you are the fastest human in the world do you see how that’s not a perfectionist thing but if you know whether you are doing something or not doing something this helps to increase function so your low back is either moving well or it’s not moving well it’s not something well you might have back pain you might have constipation which is the reason that is a side effect is because the sciatic nerves go to your intestines oh my gosh or you are either functional in your neck or you’re not and with that if you’re not functionally moving in the spinal drink of your neck those nerves also go to your heart and your lungs in your lymph sacs so you’re either functioning well or you’re not it’s not because you have to have angel wings it’s also not like with the treatment plan that’s a realistic thing to do if you go to a personal trainer and say I want to gain pounds of muscle mass and you say I’m going to do it today and only today and if you do not have me gain pounds of muscle mass you are a bad personal trainer so this is why I have to laugh a little bit at my job because I appreciate that you’re human so I am responsible for a good treatment a specific a well thought out a quality adjustment and then if you get something out of it for example esoteric or healthy or a good thought or in my chase the kind of doctor I am I can be tough but you didn’t come to see me or get a referral from somebody if I wasn’t a tough doctor of chiropractic otherwise I guarantee they wouldn’t referred me you would be disappointed because you’re here to get healthy and I train myself every day in little ways I let my girls train me they do checks on me every day there are a lot of little things I do to prepare for my day and to uh prepare for my day to be great at my job and hopefully every day I’m a little better at it I’m a human last week I thought my sweet Buster dog was dying so it was extremely hard to get myself together before I walked through the office door that’s the human side with that set I am responsible for your treatment and being secure in my treatment plan and being a good doctor you are responsible for your body % me providing the treatment a hundred percent you’re responsible for your body that’s the truth and what I tell people is what the real truth is there are no healers outside your own body the body is a self-healing mechanism it’s what someone else does to the body and whether it’s accepted or perceived as healthy and healing or whether it’s not and it is a perception it is perceived sometimes it’s totally accurate if somebody’s yelling and cussing at you it’s fair to say they are not being kind somebody is giving you an adjustment they’re a good doctor and your symptoms increase before they get better this is common that should show you the state that your body’s been in and I’m grateful that your body is giving you that red flag so that you live a long happy healthy life better to have it now start to heal itself than have emergencies later this is this true same applied for my body dr Gregg is my primary chiropractor my uncle Chris dr Reid dr Sean Reid his son and then soon to be dr Shay Reid I have them adjust me when I go home so I get a different perspective on healing I’ve got some mentors that I haven’t seen in a while but by all means I would trust so my goal is to be the best human and doctors I can be with my imperfections it would be very boring if we didn’t have their we’ll be so boring so that I can be a great doctor for you but the trust factor does come in – whether you ask me questions or not it’s that you have to understand that the intention it be well chiropractic is authentic and sure we have normal worries is people like everyone else but I at this point at age I quite have them in perspective and what the most important thing is to life and I always say I would rather dig ditches and have healthy husband myself and kids and if that was the trade-off and I would dig ditches and I would go to work happy every day of my life the fact is I don’t have to I get to be a doctor of chiropractic for you and I’ve got my healthy family and that’s all that matters to me and then the rest is icing on the cake if you have a big house a small house a fancy car not Finn’s car whirlwind worldwide vacations or you go to the local holiday in all that’s icing on the cake so when you come in here I’m going to adjust you I’m going to consider you I’m going to be tough on you depending on where you’re at and I’m always going to take my own medicine first my own natural health medicine first I do not expect from others what I don’t expect from myself that’s why I don’t want you to be perfect I want you to be perfectly imperfect and highly functional that you can have a beautiful quality life and that’s one chance that you’ve got regardless of your beliefs right now in your body this is your one chance at this life so chiropractic ally I want to be a part of your doctor of chiropractic team and all the other specialists you see I know for a fact that I should be on that team I know that for a fact because there’s something about always knowing you have choice and even with the for the Equality barrier that’s still there with men and women and different things that well I wrote my own glass ceiling I was it a month ago my state farm insurance companies would tell me I’ve pushed on the rental cars glasses my toes because that’s what I was I don’t know and the windshield broke I don’t feel like I’m getting any stronger I feel like they’re not making windshields very strong these days so my point is there’s no glass ceiling anymore it’s only in our mind so I want you to understand that the function and quality and health of your life is up to you the rest really is an esoteric illusion of what you can and can’t do I guess at I’m not going to I plan the WNBA I never wanted to though I don’t really care if I take a rocket to Mars so I’m doing everything that I want to do and that my own self is capable of doing for real probably not going to be president and Nike this just hit me the other day I can’t really thought my side job would be president of Nike so that I’d have like backup if I head back up I would be or will be a consultant for major health firms and literally slash their own expenses because when you grow up the way a lot of us were grown up to be you can really split a dollar and I love that about the old school days I love the fact that you can know the value of $ so that you know how to spend a million dollars and that’s how you need to think of it and this is also an increase of health and because you know that all of these things are in line with my business be well chiropractic you will know when I give you your chiropractic treatment plan it is about you it’s about you because I will live on a dollar I will live on a million dollars it is about me being the best doctor best wife best mother best human to myself that I can be so that is the I guess talk for the day about function over perfection so go live your very highly functional non-perfect life and love it thank you

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