We believe in patient-first healthcare and disease prevention. We want our patients healthy, functional, and happy.

We are not a volume-driven company. We will make whatever changes necessary to retain the quality of our care and availability regardless of growth.

We keep our offices small and simple. We do not invest in expensive distractions. We keep a clear vision of our purpose and, therefore, live below our means.

We are not perfect and will make honest mistakes. However, we will never cut corners or bend our integrity to make a quick buck.

We will recognize the difference between a health fad and current and accurate research. We will always adhere to the latter and avoid the former.

All that matters is the result. We will design our treatment plans per patient, with the patient’s goals in mind.

We will not jump to conclusions about a patient’s care. We will get the hard facts first and do the right thing for the patient.

Paperwork is inevitable. We will always be available to assist our patients with theirs.

We are natural-primary-care doctors and chiropractors. Should a patient need a referral to a different specialty, we will provide it.

We will remain steadfast when times are tough, humble when times are good, and be grateful for each day.

God and family come first, but when we are at work, we will give our best.