I was your typical 15 years old. All I cared about was sports. I was from a small corn town, Auburn, IL, and that is all you ever did anyway. I was a team player who loved playing basketball under my Dad, Coach Farris, and running on my 4 x 800 relay team. Then one day, for no apparent reason, my left leg started going weak and giving out. One day it was fine. The next, I couldn’t even put weight on it. Like all good parents, mine took me to the best orthopedist’ in town. X-rays were taken, and the doctor and his physical therapist couldn’t find anything wrong.

I was instructed to QUIT track. And at 15 years old, I burst into tears. Nothing was wrong, there was no diagnosis, no explanation, my leg was still weak, but the plan of action was to quit?! Well, like good parents, mine decided this was not acceptable. My parents heard of someone called a ‘chiropractor.’ We had no idea what he did.

Well, what he did was show me that my body had scoliosis, or a sideways curve in the spine, that put pressure on my sciatic nerve and made my leg weak. Once balanced and adjusted correctly, not only did the chiropractic adjustments resolve the weakness in my leg but allowed my body to heal in such a way that I ran faster than I ever had in my life. Because of my reduced time, our 4 x 800 team went on to win all City, go to State, and broke the school record that stands today, 25 years later. This is because my chiropractor said, ‘I know what is going wrong in your body, and I can help you.’ That moment in time changed my whole purpose in life. It is the reason I will not retire. I was put here to help you get answers and find out the true cause of the problem, and fix it.


I went to Illinois and had been in love with it since I was a child. It really was Disney World to me. At that point, I started doing internships with kinesiologists and chiropractors. I was enrolled in a very top pre-med/kinesiology program there and enjoyed being co-chairman of the health board. Still, with all the workouts, nutrition, and experience around other medical specialties, I knew nothing could do what chiropractic could; help the body heal from the inside out to its own maximum ability. If prayer can move mountains, then chiropractic is the shovel.

You are as young as you feel: Today, I am 40 years young, and I owe it to chiropractic. Before I was a doctor, I was a patient who has received multiple head traumas, motor vehicle accidents, and two pregnancies. Every time, I chose to forgo the traditional medical advice of drugs and surgery and seek chiropractic care. I am grateful to say that my chiropractors have helped me to be better and stronger each year of my life.


My husband noticed me during a workout at our school, Logan College of Chiropractic, and he decided the rest was history, lol. I always say I couldn’t marry him if I didn’t respect him as a doctor, and he is still my favorite. But at the time, I had my sights set on a very high-profile internship in Santa Monica, CA, and that is where I was going! Greg Hutti decided to change his entire life plan and go get me, and we have been married since October 10, 2009. Then one day, my southern native and I decided to move to Spring Hill, TN. It stuck.

This area is the best place to raise a family and the best place to have a business. 10 out of 10 times, I would do it all over again.


I had been practicing chiropractic in Spring Hill for 4 years when we had our daughter. My passion for pregnancy and pediatrics really took off, obviously. I had such a background in sports that I had no idea this would be my truest calling. One look at my baby, and I knew: if I did not educate parents on other options besides drugs for their children when they are sick, then I would not be helping families in the way I should. I am here to improve the health and quality of life of future generations.


I opened our second office in Franklin, TN, in 2016. Women often suffer silently from post-partum issues and not so silently during the pregnancy. Parents become frustrated when their baby gets the diagnosis that really only means their baby is up all night screaming. I am grateful to say that as the oldest of 148 great-grandkids and as an avid pursuant of pediatric chiropractic in school, I can help. I can give options.

Our second baby also receives chiropractic and actually gets very mad when it is her sister’s turn and not hers. Children all behave differently when getting care, yet somehow they all respond the same. Children get it fast. They feel the internal shift and the healing power within their body.


My goal for half of my life is to help you. The other half is to be a wife in progress, lol, and a great Mom. I won’t know about that until the critiques roll in about 10 years from now. The ‘help you part’ means: I am confident that I will give you the best exam you have ever had and that I can be a part of improving your quality of life = that I want to be a part of Team YOU. I am the assistant. I can be tough. But I will be honest with you. If you need a referral, you get one. But let me tell you something, chiropractic can only help. After all, it is your body. And you want a professional who knows how it works. This is the pursuit of happiness for me. Helping You work better.


Dr. Janelle F. Hutti, DC