This is a direct endorsement of this product. We at BE Well Chiropractic DO NOT receive a cut or percentage of the products sold or posture receive money in any other way from its sale. We can make a percentage and choose not to because we want to show our patients that we love this product and want them to use it because it is a superior product and in their best interest. You can order directly from the website or on Amazon.

Dr. Brown is very aware that I am a fan of him and his IntelliSkin posture shirts. This is because he let a 21-year-old kid follow him around for the summer, take up his time, work with his pro and Olympic athletes, and learn from him. This is the mark of a true doctor, knowing that they are as good as they improve the world and share their knowledge. I would be so lucky to give that gift to another intern in my lifetime.

It is strange that orthodontics and straight teeth have thus far been considered more important than posture. Posture, which affects not just your quality of life, but how long you live! It is my opinion that this is because posture is an active pursuit, while braces are still passive in nature. Dr. Brown has taken the concept of the way we live our lives and develop a shirt to help us improve our posture during our day. We at BE Well Chiropractic always take posture into account during our corrective adjustments. However, to truly get posture trained, you must take our advice and keep your treatment plan, utilize our kinesiotape treatments, wear Intelliskin, and do our at-home exercises. This is not a passive treatment plan but a lifestyle change that will change your quality of life.

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Dr. Brown: IntelliSkin inventor, worked as the medical director on the ASP surf and AVP volleyball tours during the 1980s. He was an early innovator in functional taping and developed a technique know as Specific Proprioceptive Response Taping. This quickly caught on with Olympians and NFL players alike and reached the athletic world. Athletes could compete despite their injuries. The original posture shirt was devised out of wetsuits and rash guards. This wearable tee-shirt mimicked his taping technique. His Smart Compression shirt clinically improves posture and spinal alignment. His goal, like ours, is the help everyone look better, feel better, and perform better.

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Dr. Greg Hutti competed in baseball and at a high level in martial arts and bodybuilding and enjoyed teaching his girls sports and physical activity.

Dr. Janelle Hutti competed on winning teams in volleyball, cross country, track, and basketball. Her favorite moment was winning the Regional Championship with her dad as Coach. She has used IntelliSkin to re-train her posture with her chiropractic adjustments for multiple injuries. Dr. Janelle enjoys showing her girls that no matter how old she gets, she still has moved.