Kinesiotape is a great adjunct to chiropractic adjustment. The premise is that it is the tape that helps aid movement (kinesio) vs. kinesiotape lockdown or taping down movement like traditional taping. The rule of thumb is that it adds 10% strength to any muscle it is applied. When the tape is applied, it aids in proprioception, the body’s awareness of itself in space. Close your eyes. Do you know where your hands are? That is proprioception.

When the body is adjusted and put into correction and then taped, it can help train the muscles between adjustments. It is not just for athletic endeavors; it can aid in posture training.

The most commonly known application, because of the Olympic Games, is for athletic injuries. Again, it is used as supportive care with adjustments as all American Olympic Teams have a chiropractor on their medical staff. One of my favorite ‘newer’ applications is regard to scar tissue. It does not help with the external scar but seems to have effects (in a results-based but not thoroughly vetted way) on the internal scarring process by allowing for better lymph flow and fluid drainage. I have recommended it along with chiropractic care for C-section scars and breast removal scars. Likewise, it can be applied over any area of the body that has been cut into via surgery or injury once the external scar has healed.

Kinesiotape, as written in Wikipedia: ‘The product is a type of thin, elastic cotton tape that can stretch up to 140% of its original length. As a result, if the tape is applied stretched greater than its normal length, it will “recoil” after being applied and therefore create a pulling force on the skin. This elastic property allows a much greater range of motion compared to traditional white athletic tape and can also be left on for long periods of time before reapplication.

Designed to mimic human skin, with roughly the same thickness and elastic properties, the tape can be stretched 30-40% in the longitudinal direction. It is a latex-free material with acrylic adhesive, which is heat-activated. The cotton fibers allow for evaporation and quicker drying leading to longer wear time, up to 4 days. How the tape is claimed to affect the body is dependent on its usage throughout the body and how it is applied” the direction of the pull, the shape, and the location’ all play a role in its (function).

kinesiotapeThere are several theoretical benefits claimed for the tape. One of those is correcting the alignment of weak muscles as well as facilitating joint motion as a result of the tape’s recoiling qualities. Additionally, the tape is claimed to lift the skin, increasing the space below it and increasing blood flow and circulation of lymphatic fluids (swelling). This increase in the interstitial space is said to lead to less pressure on the body’s nociceptors, which detect pain, and to stimulate mechanoreceptors, to improve overall joint proprioception.’

Kinesiotape is an add-on service at BE Well Chiropractic. Your choice of either $25.00 for tape and an application or $10.00 for an application if you have your own tape. Ask the doctors if this will help you hold your adjustments between visits.