Manual Chiropractic Adjustments (Diversified, Reinert Specific) is likely the type of adjustments you are most familiar with or have heard about. (Two other familiar chiro techniques of this capacity are Gonstead and Thompson Drop Table). They all involve chiropractic the way it began, ”by hand only”, the true Latin definition of chiropractic.

In ‘the olden days of 1895,’ when chiropractic began, osteopathy was also in its infancy. In fact, the founders of these techniques agreed and disagreed on many issues. Neither of them created a new form of health care, as bone setting had been around eastern medicine for thousands of years. However, both of them looked to re-invent it for what is a traditional medical model. It is not a part of the modern medical model, and osteopaths have only become a part of it upon the license to prescribe medication. The theory between the two sides was that the chiropractic founders, D.D. and B.J. Palmer, determined the body was out of alignment based on the

The intelligence of the nervous system is surrounded by bones. And Andrew Still determined it was based on the bone and blood itself.

Both of these doctors argued on the merits of how they were each right, and that argument still goes on today. The only misconception is that medicine disagrees with chiropractic. That is untrue. Osteopaths and chiropractors alike do not go to traditional medical school but specialize in a different form of more natural health.

The reason we, Drs. Greg and Janelle feel that chiropractic philosophy and our manual techniques are the correct way to help a human based on the following: when a baby is formed, the nervous system forms first. The notochord becomes the brain, brain stem, spinal cord, and nerves in the first three weeks. The heart begins to beat around five weeks. No baby cannot be made without some version of the nervous system first being created. Therefore it is the boss of the system. The heart regulates its own beat cadence but cannot tell itself to pump blood. In fact, we can actually replace any part of the body but the brain-brain stem-spinal cord system.

Secondly, chiropractic uses what is called a short-lever system in bio-mechanics to adjust vs. a long-axis system. Safety is very important in any technique, and this difference is key in how forces are used on the body to help heal itself.

An adjustment itself (versus mobilization) produces movement past the body’s own physiological range to get it moving again. This is why a trained and licensed doctor of chiropractic is necessary. The ”pop” or ”crack” you hear in a manual adjustment is not bone at all! It is gas!!! The synovial joint or coats that cover each joint have space between them and the bone. In this space is air, and the air or gas released produces the noise. If you have fluid in the joint, you will not hear a noise even when it is adjusted.

Likewise, when giving a proper adjustment, the noise is not relevant. Yes, the pressure release feels nice at the moment, but how you move each joint, which direction, and which bone you move matters fully in properly adjusting you.

At BE Well Chiropractic, we are even acutely aware that how people should be adjusted has changed in modern times. What type of work you perform can change how you need to be adjusted. Even the difference between a man’s and woman’s body matters in How the adjustment is performed. The age of a baby or child determines how that person should be adjusted. Likewise, the stage of injury you are in determines the type of adjustment or force that is needed.

Medical exams are becoming history and consults, not exams. A true