Nutritional counseling. One of the best things about chiropractic is that we learn biochemistry and apply it to nutrition instead of nutrition pharmacology in school. The ‘why’ of the nutrition helps as much as the actual nutritional plan. Drs. Greg and Janelle have also been in pursuit of nutrition since college. Dr. Greg pursued bodybuilding and personal training – Dr. Janelle, personal training, cardio boxing, and sports conditioning instructor.

Due to time constraints (choosing to spend time with their two little girls), they have not developed an official plan but answer all nutrition questions in a practical, honest, and functional manner.

Free Nutrition Advice: Your baseline nutrition is important.

  1. The human body can source its own vitamin D from the sun! Trust this. Do it this way if you can.
  2. High-quality supplements. The only ones I recommend are Integrative Therapeutics, Metagenics, Now Foods, and Standard Process. Purity and efficacy are important. If you can’t get a scientific report on purity, efficacy, and absorption that meets or exceeds drug standards: you are not getting what you paid for.
  3. A vitamin, greens, magnesium (possibly iron), kelp, omega 3 shake 1-2 times every day without fail. You can add more items or more specific things for you, but that is the baseline. Sorry: no food today is what it used to be.
  4. Corn and soy are huge commodities. They are grain and estrogen-based products. They are what cows and pigs are fed to fatten them. I’m from the Midwest, gotta let you know.
  5. Speaking of: Real-gluten-free and real vegetarianism is different than the fads. A cupcake is a cupcake. A donut is a donut. Be sure you are not substituting one unhealthy thing for another.
  6. Food labels: the green-washing effect. Read the back label. The front of the box is just not honest enough anymore.
  7. Kombucha: except for the few who are averse to mushrooms, this is one of the most effective ways I have ever found to absorb a nutrient, probiotics in this case.
  8. Don’t take stuff out! If you have an issue with your medical, clinical results, correct the problem; don’t just start removing organs!
  9. Kid’s stuff: They need all the vital nutrients not found in food – all the more.
  10. The alkaline factor: Understand, after your saliva begins the process, your stomach creates gastric acid and needs that acidic environment to digest food. Then the small intestine alkalizes the food as the next phase of digestion. The body balances its ph for a reason. Know how the body works and work with it.

You live once. Live wisely and occasionally enjoy your cake!