Neck pain, back pain, and headaches are the most common disorders of the spine that we treat at BE Well Chiropractic. There are multiple diagnoses that all lead back to a common correction. Depending on the severity of your case, it can be managed without drugs or surgery or eliminated and prevented totally with chiropractic care.

‘Computer Syndrome’: The world is different. Even with conscious efforts to have proper nutrition and exercise, we are more sedentary than ever before. Posture and stress are now the most common cause of neck pain, as well as a variety of other issues. Likewise, hunching over our phones and tablets has produced a nation of poor posture and pain, not the least of which is our teenagers. The spine will actually grow how we ask it to. Therefore we are seeing a rounding of the lower neck and upper back that used to be reserved for our grandmothers. This is correctable.

It needs to be retrained, adjusted, and corrected, and it is a structural problem that leads to the majority of neck pain, tension, and often headaches. There is a rule of thumb that states for every 10 degrees, your posture lowers, it takes 10 years off your life. At BE Well Chiropractic, we can also educate you on work ergonomics and help you to make lifestyle changes that prevent this problem that will never go away in modern society.

Poor Posture: associated with ‘computer syndrome’ is also called thoracic outlet syndrome and also carpel tunnel syndrome! Please read this article under ‘what we treat. ‘

Herniated or bulging disc: This is another common cause of neck pain. It begins from a lifetime of poor posture, whiplash, or a head injury. The most common symptom we hear is sharp pain down the shoulder blades.

Other symptoms are pain down the arm, weakness in the wrist or hand, local pain in the neck, or rods in the back. Understand that the C5/C6 nerve root is the most common culprit. This area also runs the diaphragm telling you to breathe! So you could also have chest pains, shortness of breath, or ribs affected. Obviously, be smart and see a cardiologist if you suspect heart symptoms. If you get the all-clear, you will have a diagnosis of the bulging disc or a pinched nerve and likely stenosis, which means the hole where the nerve comes out has gotten smaller.

This type of neck pain, while it takes time, is my favorite to treat because a correction with chiropractic care above and below the area produces the best results. In fact, at BE Well Chiropractic, we thrive on understanding how to improve your biomechanics, not just spot treat the area of the pain. Some medical research articles are even starting to indicate that the more severe the symptoms (ie swallowing issues), the more dangerous the surgery. Please read the article bulging/herniated disc under ‘what we treat ‘to understand the nature of discs. Getting this issue corrected in the neck is worth every amount of time and money because it produces a life -long change in pain reduction. It is important to work with us and take our at-home advice to get ahold of this now.

Torticollis: You woke up and can’t move your neck! Muscle relaxers aren’t touching it because you still feel a sharp pain and can’t move your head. An ‘old-fashioned’ crook in the neck is the number one symptom I see that gets folks who are afraid of the chiropractor to come in and learn what we do. It is so painful. This condition can be treated with episode care, meaning it is an acute issue with a finite ending point. Often a cold or virus settles in the neck and freezes it up, or you did sleep funny or were on the computer too long. Getting chiropractic adjustments will unwind and fix this problem. While you are here, you can learn about corrective and preventative care. Better to be educated and empower yourself!

Problems after the dentist: You have been in the chair getting your teeth beautiful and now you have neck pain, jaw pain, possible dizziness. Dental care is absolutely necessary, and so is the correction of the upper cervical vertebrae with chiropractic adjustments after the fact. Don’t overlook this one-two punch for your health.

The difference for your life is: What do you do with this? What is the Quality of Life that you want to have? Who is on Team You? At Be Well Chiropractic, we work with the three causes of stress and pain in the body: Physical, Mental, Emotional. Is the cause of all your stress and pain still there? It is about getting the spine in line and also being your health coach to live a better quality of life.