BE Well Chiropractic uses our 3 -In-1 Approach to your treatment. This means we will provide three levels of care on each visit.

  1. Time with the doctor. We took a long time on the exam and follow-up to help us create the most effective treatment plan to improve your quality of life. We also assessed your specific complaint with a hands-on exam, rare by today’s standards. During your treatment, we give a complete adjustment. That does not mean every bone and joint needs to move, but the right ones and in the right way are addressed. We also make joint adjustments, not just the spine, because this is proper biomechanics. As we are adjusting you, we educate you and are open to questions. Giving you advice and ways to improve your health between visits will allow you to get better faster. We take the time to understand not just our patient’s symptoms but discover the underlying cause.
  2. Soft tissue muscle work performed by the doctor. In our experience, muscle, ligament, or fascial work in addition to your adjustment is the best way for us to help you recover as quickly as possible – and keeps your adjustment clean and effective. Prepping the area for the adjustment allows you to relax and makes the adjustment more specific. Therapy is also included in your treatment to get the most movement in your body per visit.
  3. Specific adjustment with a post-check. A post-check is integral to your care because it lets us know if we need to readjust an area immediately rather than waiting until the next visit. The way chiropractic works are true: Find it, fix it, leave it alone so that the body can heal. Also, intensity and frequency over duration get the job done. However, a post check addresses possible tweaks that can be made to give you the best adjustment possible. That is the BE Well Way.