You are not alone. 80 Percent. This is the percent of Americans that will experience an episode of low back pain at some time in their life. A study by Carey and Freburger noted that back pain costs more than $100 billion annually, with two-thirds of it due to decreased wages and productivity. If you found us, you are definitely in increased pain and decreased productivity. There are a few common types of low back pain and diagnosis. Acute means this just happened. You woke up one day, and your back hurt. “What did you do in your sleep? It is the mattress; how I slept; why can I hardly move?!’ Or you never had an issue before, and you heard a pop or felt a weakness; turned just so, or had an outdoor project that went awry. This is acute or episode pain.

Chronic pain means you have been dealing with low back pain for years, and you just muster through. Usually, NSAIDs or pain relievers take care of it, except now you have to take them every day as part of your everyday routine, and not only do they not work as well, but your kidneys and liver are not happy about it. Chronic low back pain changes how a person lives, works, and moves. There is always a cause, and it can be helped with a chiropractic solution. Even our medical peers have accepted that for the first month, chiropractic care is a highly viable solution. With a proper exam, a good and specific treatment plan, and retraining of body mechanics, we often can remedy acute/episodic back pain.

Let’s talk about the common diagnosis. Back spasm, sprain/strain, neuropathy, radiculopathy, sciatica, bulging disc, herniated disc, subluxation, acute trauma, auto-accident, or whiplash. Regardless of the diagnosis, BE Well Chiropractic is the expert in low back pain. Here’s the deal. The body works how it works. Regardless of whether you pray for it, yell at it, hug it, get injections, a prescription, chiropractic, surgery, physical therapy, or nothing. The body works how the body works. Low back pain is not fun or exciting, but it can function normally and get corrected through chiropractic.

Dr. Greg Hutti and I, Dr. Janelle Hutti, chose to be chiropractors as our first choice in a specialty. Now, personally, I don’t understand how computers work and quite frankly wish I had a chef, but when it comes to getting the low back pain better and getting you back into commission, this is what we do. We adjust the back with chiropractic care, rebalance it and take the time to educate you on why this happened. We tell you how to prevent it, and we tailor the treatment plan to your end goal. This is a choice you have to make to get out of pain and be well. We are able to fix the problem. Getting you out of pain and into correction and educating you on future options. That is our job. We have met patients who want zero lifestyle changes or advice and other patients who are 100% on their homework….and everything in between.

Our job is to adjust an area that is out of function and locked up. It will then get proper motion so the body can heal itself. Every specialty of healthcare can agree that the body heals itself. It is what you do to it. Getting chiropractic care is fixing the cause of the problem, not covering it up. We at Be Well Chiropractic understand we are on team You. We are the experts on getting your low back moving, getting you out of pain, and getting you onto a high quality of life.

Chiropractic care is the safest, highest efficacy treatment for acute low back pain. Yes, chronic low back pain has to be managed. However, if you could go from everyday pain to occasional pain, would that make a difference in your life? We at Be Well Chiropractic can and do order Xrays and MRIs as tools to help us diagnose your problem. We refer to our medical peers and to trainers as necessary. We are a patient-first facility.