Frozen Shoulder or Capsulitis (Wikipedia): is a condition characterized by stiffness and pain in your shoulder joint. Signs and symptoms typically begin gradually and worsen over time and then resolve, usually within one to three years.

As doctors of the neuro-musculoskeletal system, we can tell you that both our colleagues and we do not see many cases of spontaneous resolution.

This is Not a muscular issue and should not be treated as such. Yes, you need to be ‘working out,’ but the lack of doing so does not cause this to happen. It is adhesion in the capsule and ligaments of the shoulder. When this happens, you will feel like your shoulder is literally on lockdown. True frozen shoulder only happens over time or as the result of a direct trauma/surgery/casting. You do not wake up one day with it’. If you do wake up one day with a sharp pain in your shoulder blade or a shoulder not moving properly, this can be helped with chiropractic adjustments but is not a true frozen shoulder.

Here is the deal, the sooner you can get ahold of this issue, the better. It has nowhere good to go, and regardless of what avenue you take, the longer you wait, the longer it will take to get better. The worst part about a frozen shoulder is the loss of function in your life. The subtle changes over time have likely just led you to adjust your lifestyle until one day you can no longer adjust the external things. Now your whole arm is not working!

How chiropractic works with Frozen shoulder: At Be Well Chiropractic, we are going to address the connective tissue component. This might mean a specific type of stretching that actually shortens the muscles first (ART being for the last 10% of the injury) and trigger point and ligament release. Understand, when ligaments are stretched, they become strained, so they need pressure and release instead. And the shoulder itself needs adjusting when it is ready.

The brain tells the shoulder what to do. It does this by information from the nerves. Over time and repetitive habits, the body will send the information you ask it to and therefore behave accordingly. In order to reset the information to the shoulder, we must correct the cause of the information: incorrect habits and bad spinal mechanics. The shoulder is not isolated and should be treated as a part of the whole.

My favorite at-home activity for frozen shoulder is holding a heavy object (in the old days’ gallon milk carton) and letting the shoulder hang, thereby tractioning it.

Frozen shoulder is a complicated biomechanical issue that can be helped and often resolved with chiropractic care.