Knee pain can be of the obvious origin or of a referred nature. One thing that cannot be overlooked is the biomechanics of how it works. A proper exam in order to determine why your knee is in pain or has degenerated is of utmost importance. Chiropractic adjustments to realign the chain of command will only help the knee heal to its fullest extent.

Knee trauma: An obvious trauma to the knee is usual for athletic injuries. It also often occurs when you hear the dreaded pop when doing normal day-to-day activities. Chiropractic care is an adjunct, even if surgery is absolutely necessary based on the extent of trauma.

Meniscus, ACL, PCL, and/or Collateral Ligament tears: Rarely are these isolated tears because they all connect to one complicated ligament system of the knee. Chiropractic care comes most into play immediately for a primary tear. In the absence of trauma, these areas are experiencing wear and tear. Imagine being a runner and pounding the pavement out of alignment. This means one leg has a longer stride or you are pushing off, and your footfall is unequal. Likewise, the upper body is a key player in posture and alignment while running. With the sedentary type lifestyle that we have through the workweek, it is often a key player in the biomechanical chain. When you are properly aligned through chiropractic adjustments, you run on all four cylinders, sort of speak. A primary knee tear can heal itself. If it is surgically repaired, that will sew it up but not correct the cause of improper biomechanics. Likewise, physical therapy in a dysfunctional area will strengthen one out of a correction. Chiropractic adjustments are the key player to making everything else work the very best because the body is a self-healing mechanism and will do so when put in correction and allowed to heal correctly.

Knee pain and negative knee orthopedic tests: Regardless of if there is general pain or sharp radiating pain, the origin is from improper biomechanics. In fact, the knee is such a big beautiful joint with so much space, and its main purpose is shock absorption. Ankle, hip, pelvis, sacrum, or lumbar lock up, and dysfunction will directly cause your knee to hurt. Again, I wish there was a more exciting answer, but proper biomechanics and correction through a chiropractic adjustment allow your body to work as one and function correctly as a whole. You cannot ‘spot’ treat the body for lifelong results. It is the whole deal. Also, read Bulging/herniated disc.

Degenerative joints: Bone on bone is hard to come by. The knee is a huge joint, and you are more likely to be in the category of degeneration than bone on bone. Unless there is a very obvious bone spur, ‘cleaning up’ the knee will only be the first step into more knee surgery. This is because the body has been invaded. Every time there is trauma or invasion, it is more likely to grow bone and lockdown. You have to ask yourself, why was the degeneration there in the first place? Also, do not ignore dietary factors, but that is another article.

Chondromalacia patella: A congenital disorder of ‘softening’ of the patella or knee cap. This issue needs the aggressive strengthening of all muscles involved in the chain of commands while in a proper correction. A pediatric patient who has never had a chiropractic adjustment for this issue would have been compensating and walking incorrectly for life, leading to future low back issues.

Chiropractors Are doctors of the nervous system and natural health. We foremost adjust the spine. However, the body is one whole person. And we do not ignore any part of the body as it all works together. It is vital to get the correction so that your knee has, by default, a chance to heal correctly.