In the 21st Century, there is an actual diagnosis for everything. It is OK to have them and pursue traditional medical treatment. The question is: How is your Quality of Life? Are you working better? Do you function better? Do you feel better? Do you feel older than your age? Did you have surgery, and are you still in pain? Did the surgery not fix the problem or create a new problem? A human being is over-diagnosed and over-treated if their vitality goes down.

Surgery did not work if you are still on any medication, are in pain, or now have a new problem. If your verve: your enthusiasm for life continues to decline, then the diagnosis made you no better. If you are now on multiple medications, then the cause was not corrected.

Chiropractic is not a cure-all. There is no magic bullet. But let me tell you something. Having the right natural health doctor on your team can only help. Getting movement back in your spine, releasing the pathways from the brain, through the nerves, to your body to heal itself, can only help. Getting educated on how your body works – can only help. With education and proper adjustments, you can go from being Over-Diagnosed to being Properly Diagnosed or ‘Un-Diagnosed.’

The BCBS TN, customer service hotline states that 55% of prescription opioid medications will be abused. And that friends and family members give them to each other for pain relief. It also states. ‘Don’t be an accidental drug dealer.’ Prescriptions do come from medical doctors. If you are concerned about why you have the pain, the cause of the pain, and ways to get out of the pain, you Must look further than the use of drugs to numb the pain. Getting out of pain is not at all easy or convenient, but it is ‘cheaper’ than going the medical route to the end of your time. The problem with medication and pain reduction from it is: there is no end in sight. The treatment plan for most medications is every day, for the rest of your life, and/or until you are given more medication…for the rest of your life. It does not produce movement in the body or leads to an increased quality of life. It gets you by.

Getting adjusted by a chiropractor is an emotional commitment. There are trust and education, and personal responsibility is involved. It is not a judgment. Life is what it is, and there are only so many paths and options. In a chiropractic treatment plan vs. anesthesia, the risk and long-term outcome of back surgery do not even compare. Chiropractic and taking our lifestyle advice will turn your life around without a surgical or drug intervention. Half of our back patients have already had back surgery, and 80% of people have back pain, so the medical model is not working. It is changing to natural health solutions and the model that chiropractic has always proven. In fact, the highest indicator for having surgery is having had one before.

I am not here to say BE Well Chiropractic will make your life perfect, but it is our life’s purpose to teach you and help you have a better quality of life Without drugs or surgery; to have an improved outcome without a lifetime of pain pills or surgeries.

We are also not suggesting that you forgo Google research. Just understand: “It is not what you look at; it is what you see” Thoreau. There is a term called a differential diagnosis. It means that a properly educated doctor of whatever specialty can take your history, do an extensive exam, and ask you the right questions to come to a logical medical/natural conclusion. There will always be a diagnosis if one is searched for. But What is the Real Cause?!

Here are the Google options that come up when you type in Fatigue: infectious causes, anemia; hypothyroidism; sleep disturbances; medication side effects; adrenal insufficiency, chronic fatigue. The list goes on and on. By the time you read it, you will be convinced: I have that! That is me. Something is really wrong. Will I die? Never mind all the causes, dysfunction, and stress that lead to this.

In reality, the United States of America is chronically stressed, depleted, unwell, overfed, tired, immobile, and over-diagnosed. To overcome such a thing first and foremost takes active rest, education, an entirely new schedule, and Yes Chiropractic care to break up the areas of the spine that are blocking the information from your brain to your body, causing you pain, dysfunction, and more weariness. Yes, you are likely adrenal insufficiency and low in vitamin D. This is not normal but standard. It does not require a diagnosis. In the olden days’ you were just plain ‘beat’!