The most natural way to keep your baby healthy is your love and chiropractic care. The team at Be Well Chiropractic is here to educate you and give you options on how to keep your kids off medication and how to help them thrive.

We co-care with pediatricians. It is important that you have a complete team. The two specialties have different purposes. Both are necessary, and children want to make it clear that we are patient first providers while we have different methods.

Below is some information on the symptoms we treat. Your easiest road is to give us a call at BE Well Chiropractic: 615-302-2798 for a free consultation so that we can determine if we are the right fit for your family at no risk to you.

Viruses: Please see the Virus page. It is an annoying, sad, messy, inconvenient way for our body to build its immune system. No one likes it, but it is necessary. We must build our children’s immunity. A chiropractic adjustment helps align your child’s spine so that their body can handle such an event all the better. An adjustment helps your child break a fever (with no medicine!). As well as become more efficient at working in general. Keep them drinking fluids and electrolytes, keep them peeing; give them baths and soup and being held, and let us take care of the chiropractic adjustment.

Ear Infections: This is how ear infections happen and why a chiropractic adjustment is necessary. Around the body’s brain are multiple sinus channels. Let’s call them the river. The River all comes together at the back of the head and makes one big Lake: the Confluence of Sinuses. This lake then shoots out the fluid (the rapids) from the nose and mouth. If the water gets stuck at any point along the River, it sits there and sits there so the ‘mosquitoes’ can breed and cause infection. Solely because of lack of movement! The virus is in all trillions of cells of the body, but it settles where there is a lack of movement. A gentle, safe chiropractic adjustment restores the movement and the flow of fluid so that the body can heal all by itself! At Be Well Chiropractic, The Parent gets to help decide if they want their child to have a soft tissue, activator (which is a little tool), or my hands to adjust their child. We are comfortable and competent at any of the ways to adjust. So why would it take more than one adjustment? The same reason it takes 10 days to destroy the body’s immune response with antibiotics. It can be instantaneous, or it can take a few times. After the adjustment, however, you are likely to get positive reactions such as the body breaking its fever; the body bringing up a fever to break it and finally get better (tepid fevers are the worst); ear drainage, snot to get out of the infection, and most importantly, restful sleep for the baby. The average virus is 14 whole days long, and then you need another couple of weeks to get strong again. Do you see why we want our kids to have a strong immune system!!!? So they don’t ‘catch’ every little thing.

Colic: or your baby screams all the time. Yes, there is something wrong. They have gas stuck up in their stomach and intestine. And the pain is so bad it would make a grown person pass out. Please do all the stretches you see on the mama websites. Please also bring your baby into BEWell Chiropractic to get adjusted. When your baby was birthed, they locked up somewhere, and ‘things aren’t running right.’ They need to be unwound. They are little balls of energy. This will help them. Safe, gentle adjustments. I, personally, have mama hours and am specifically located next to Williamson Hospital in Physician’s Plaza to be more convenient for parents. I specifically married my husband, not just because I love him, but because he is a great doctor of chiropractic and also with pediatrics. I trust him with my own kids.

Reflux: The new pediatric diagnosis. I will take a stand to say that medication should not be given to children with reflux. It is an adult medication given to babies. Tiny newborn babies. But you need answers, and you have tried All the things you can: change of diet, baby sleeping position, etc., etc. Parents, the child is locked up from birth. They do not have too much acidity. The stomach is Supposed to be acidic to digest food to give the baby nutrition, and the intestines turn this into an alkaline formula for them to poop out. Ask any doctor. “Is this how the body works?!” It is just true. The problem Is motility. The food is supposed to go down. The organs, including the digestive system, are run by the nerves. We know when the baby comes out, it gets shoved through a little hole, or the baby may have been stuck in one position..for months inside of you. Give chiropractic a chance! This is an opportunity to keep your healthy newborn baby off the medicine train.

More issues we treat with babies: latching issues; a head that is not even or is flat/not shaped correctly; sleep disturbances; torticollis; improper crawling or walking behavior; sinus infections; club foot

Toddlers: We adjust toddlers and children most importantly for all the times they bash their head or that one big bang. This will change how they grow, and chiropractic helps eliminate the cause of future problems.

Kids and Teens: I am here to tell you that a chiropractic provider should be a part of the family health team. No, we can’t make them eat their broccoli, but sometimes kids Will so long as the advice is not coming from the parent! (Sorry, I have children too). We can help correct, adjust, and treat the causes of problems and pain, therefore keeping your child off medication and giving them a better chance than you had. Pain in a child is common but not normal. We treat headaches, neck and back pain, posture issues (often from school and computers), athletic injuries, whiplash, sleep disturbances, and digestive issues.