You have been diagnosed with sciatica or you are feeling sharp shooting pain. The medical doctors may or not have told you, but the word for sharpshooting, radiating pain is called radiculopathy. It is of a pathological origin. You are in pain, and the muscle relaxers and pain medications aren’t working! Most people have heard of sciatica but do not understand why the pain is there; we treat it every day at BE Well Chiropractic.

You cannot have a sciatic nerve issue without the discs being involved. Often, upon an examination, we find a pseudo-disc or bulging disc, which just means the area is locked up but equally painful. It is not torn or herniated, just out of function and locked up. (or it could be). Please read the bulging/herniated disc ‘What we treat” page.

Because the sciatic nerve comes from 5 branches in the low back that combine into a literal telephone cord-sized nerve, you would be in a great deal of pain. Sciatica can produce pain in the knee, ankle toes, the front of the thigh, and down the side or back of the leg. It is all one nerve, many branches. But you are in pain! The reason that chiropractic works for pain that is all over the place is that the cause is the same – imbalances in the spine and the spinal joints and dysfunction of the low back.

I wish it were more fun, new, or interesting. But the essence of sciatica is what BE Well Chiropractic does every day. Balance and unlock the spine. We retrain the spine to work better and also give you advice on how to change your daily habits, should you want that. This is also the best way to address the Other cause of the pain. Parents bending over baby beds, doing the laundry, and computer work. All of these experiences have solutions to the way your back is being put into a bad position. You need your spine retrained and some tips on changing daily habits.

Other habits: that actually affect the low back and sciatic nerve are being stuck in the same position using the good old’ iPad or iPhone, improper sleep hygiene, or being out of alignment so long, well you are locked up. The body will do what you ask it to do most often.

When you feel that deep lump in your gluts or behind, the nerves to the muscles deep and way in the body are in chronic spasm. Yes, a massage helps and feels good. I love massages, but it only addresses the muscle and not the cause of the problem. The cause is in this order: the brain runs to the spinal cord, passing the disc to the nerve to tell the muscle what to do. The muscle either does what it is supposed to or not. Sometimes it can not because when the spine and disc area is locked up, the information does not get there. This can cause pain or even weakness.

Stretching: is important even with chiropractic. Getting through the hips, hamstrings and doing bridges are the easiest way to reset your spine and help yourself between adjustments. You will notice one side is tighter. We at Be Well Chiropractic will coach you on how to stretch the area for your spine and condition.

Do you see why pain medication will not do the trick? Get informed on natural ways to heal. Give chiropractic a chance. It can only help.