Here in middle Tennessee, sinus, and allergy issues are commonplace. This article discusses why they are a problem and how we can you manage your sinuses in a safe and natural way.

How the sinuses work: The sinuses are channels around the brain and under the skull that act like one river with many branches. The river is designed to bring nutrients into the area and remove waste and toxins. These rivers of sinuses all meet in the back of the head, called the confluence of sinuses. Then they become channels again to drain behind the second molar in the cheek, through the eyes, out the nose, and down the throat. There are ‘lakes’ or ‘reservoirs’ in the face: in the cheeks and above the eyes – commonly referred to as the ‘sinuses.’ But they are the endpoint, the little pond of the overflow. Do you see why if we just treat these little areas for the problem, we are not getting to the cause?! We must work with the body, and it is just doing its job to protect us.

What happens when a sinus issue caused by a virus or allergen becomes the problem is that an area of the cranium gets stuck. Based on the above analogy, that is where ‘mosquitos and algae’ would breed, causing inflammation and infection and become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Chiropractic adjustments take into account the main area that gets stuck. The first vertebra. C1 – the off switch – the bone surrounding the brain stem. This is a highly mobile bone, and if it is not moving well, it will block the sinus channel causing back up into the ears and head. In fact, the ear is not an isolated body part, and to have an ear infection, you must have fluid back up. Likewise, if you have no infection but fluid back up, you will get a sharp pain in the ear because the 7th Cranial nerve is being pressurized. Almost like a pinched nerve! This nerve branches into the alveolar nerves, which run above the gums in the sinus channels of the mouth. You can often be fooled that you have a cavity.

We certainly can’t un-pollinate the Earth, nor would we want to. But another reason your sinuses may be ‘worsening’ is that your liver is overtaxed. A good gentle liver cleanse can do wonders for the body’s ability to clear the sinuses.

Sinus drugs: Antihistamines are against the immune histamine response, so they dry up certain areas of the body. The antibodies are still working, but the drug covers up all the nasty symptoms. One negative side effect is that your nose and face are dried up, but your brain is still pumping out sinus fluid to protect itself – causing a nasty headache. Again, this is why the correction of the sinus channel flow is important through chiropractic adjustments.

Craniopathy: Please see the craniopathy page under ‘How We Do’. Moving the sphenoid bone (the key bone of the brain), which is behind the eyes, releases this sinus channel causing drainage. When I moved to Tennessee because of the high pollen count trapped in this little valley we call home, I learned craniopathy, and it is now a key aspect of my practice. Likewise, my husband performs sphenoid and C1 adjustments with his care.

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