Hello parents and families: I encourage you to watch my live video on this subject only because I filmed it in the thick of the schools closing for viruses. I am a parent, and I cannot separate my love of children by whether I am at work or home. My husband, Dr. Greg Hutti, feels the same way. So let’s get into this.

The answer to the virus problem is “how the body works”, regardless of if you are 8 months or 80. There is the cause of the problem. Do the diagnosis and treatment add to the problem or solve it? Chiropractic care gives the immune system a boost by working with the body to heal itself. The body cannot heal properly if it is under distress and not functioning well. That is where a chiropractic adjustment comes into the picture.

Viruses: Like it or not, they are not bacteria. There is a very simple blood test to diagnose this. In 2017 a high fever did not mean there is a bacterial infection, like ‘the old days. Each generation is exhibiting symptoms of being depleted more than the generation before. That is why children are getting adult diagnoses. Because they are starting more depleted internally and there are more stress and more people, their body has to fight Harder for Lesser things.

Antibiotics have been abused by the medical community. Upon talking to some of my medical colleagues, their concern is if a child comes in sick or, in other words, exhibiting a real, natural immune response, and they (the medical doctor) don’t write a script; the family will go somewhere else. This is still not a reason to write a prescription for drugs. It is a reason to educate. Antibiotics can be a ‘magic bullet’ for a body that is working correctly and has a real and true bacterial infection.

A routine CBC, complete blood count in a child with a fever will show the neutrophil count is up. This is the body’s white flag for Any infection or issue. In fact, if the body’s white blood count of the general sense does not activate, then you have things like the body’s inability to fight infection. This is true. So, yeah! Body – thank you for fighting the infection. ( Let’s not put you in a state of dis-ease for doing your job.) The CBC will also show you a more specific increased blood count for what is going on. Very black and white. Monocytes are triggered mostly to eat up bacteria. They are doing their job of eating the bacteria in your body every day. The kind of bacteria you can never kill when spraying for 99% of germs. When these guys are nuts, you know you have a serious bacterial issue going on: so medical treatment in an infant would likely be necessary.

Eosinophil white blood cells activate for fungus. Also an issue. Basophils rise for allergic reactions and are what is responsible for the histamine reaction. I will go into this another time.

The point is: the body was made to fight off viruses. It is what the body does. In fact, if it cannot fight off a simple virus, how would we expect it to fight off cancer. Cancer is inside the body every day. The state of the immune system is why it will or will not spread.

So how does a chiropractic adjustment play into all of this? The body is 100 % controlled by the brain. Every cell in your body is in a constant state of finding a way to help it survive. If your body is out of alignment, it cannot function properly in a chemical sense either. In fact, you may exhibit a long tepid fever or weakness in the body’s immune response. Likewise, you may have a very high fever that will not break. The regulatory system in the body’s brain stem, which is surrounded by the upper neck, is failing to do its job. Often this is because the area is locked up and needs a chiropractic adjustment. It can then go on to exhibit a normal (messy and gross) immune response to rid the body of the invading virus.